Charles Sedlak "Flamenco Made Easy"

Charles Sedlak "Flamenco Made Easy"


Charles Sedlak
Flamenco Made Easy
The Story
International recording and touring artist Charles Sedlak will give you very detailed and entertaining lessons to get you started playing Flamenco guitar today! Charles will teach you proper form, technique and strumming patterns to master the lessons in this DVD and inspire you to create your own exciting Flamenco compositions. Topics include Rasguedo, Rumba, Triplets, Picking Techniques, Malagueia, Tarantas, Soleares and more!

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, Bonus Lessons, Interactive Lesson Charts, CD-ROM Book, Two Bonus Songs From Charles Sedlak

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Charles Sedlak is an international recording and touring artist, having logged nine albums to date. This fantastic New Age Flamenco artist played for the 2000 Grammy Awards dinner, where Carlos Santana led a standing ovation. It was his marvelous talent and good fortune that got Charles selected as one of six students for Christopher Parkeningís once-a-year Master Class. Recently, his performing ability and intense interest in education have allowed him to be chosen as one of the first accomplished musicians on Dean Markleyís new Educational Support Team.

Between his tours, Charles teaches 70 students in his ìMusic Theory - Classical and Flamenco Guitarî class at Music Unlimited in Dublin, California.