Carvalho & Martinho "Double Vision"

Carvalho & Martinho "Double Vision"


Carvalho & Martinho
Double Vision
The Story
On this Brazilian release, guitarists Sydnei Carvalho and Alex Martinho team up for an unforgettable concert experience (DVD one) and instructional session (DVD two). The 90-minute instructional DVD is conducted by both guitarists in Portuguese, with optional English subtitles.

"Double Vision" kicks it into high gear, as both guitarists unleash an amazing amount of furious lines, legato passages and six-string mayhem on an enthusiastic audience. Included is a 16-page bilingual booklet (English/Portuguese) with photos, lyrics, quotes and credits.

Special DVD features include: Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Widescreen Presentation, Tab, Nine (9) Playbacks On MP3 For Guitar, Making Of "Double Vision".

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Unreachable Love", ""Double Vision"", "Synthesis", "La Bella Mira", "Sophia", "Every Day Another Mystery", "Shoemaker", "Book Of Life", "Walking On Fire", "Two Ways One Path", "Standing Up", "Underground", "8mm" and "Notre Dame" (with Edu Anthony, Roger Francis and Ricky Furlani). DVD 2 includes 90 minutes of instructional material and lessons.