California Guitar Trio "Whitewater"

California Guitar Trio "Whitewater"

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California Guitar Trio
The Story
With their technical wizardry and breathtaking fusion of classical music, blues, jazz and country - immersed in the quintessential genre of California surf rock - the California Guitar Trio have earned themselves an enthusiastic community of fans and the respect of many renowned colleagues. Their 2004 release, "Whitewater", features twelve new tracks produced by Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson). Both ethereal and blistering, this recording reveals the California Guitar Trio's music in a new light by introducing some amazing electronic treatments while staying true to their warm, analog sound. The Bach Circulation piece on this recording was made using tiny, high-end, binaural microphones in producer Tony Levin's ears, just feet from the three guitars! This is an enhanced CD, with a bonus video of "The Marsh" live in Austin, Texas included that can be accessed from your computer.
The Music
04:59 The Marsh Instrumental
04:13 Atlantis Instrumental
04:22 Skyline Instrumental
03:18 Mee-Woo Instrumental
02:52 Prelude Circulation BWV 988 Instrumental
03:10 Cantharis Instrumental
05:33 Cosmo Calypso Instrumental
03:57 Whitewater Instrumental
04:17 Led Foot Instrumental
03:38 Relative Illusion Instrumental
03:12 Red Iguana Instrumental
03:22 Ghost Riders On The Storm Instrumental
The Artists
Hideyo Moriya Guitar
Bert Lams Guitar
Paul Richards Guitar
Tony Levin Production, Fretless Bass on "Mee-Woo"
Tyler Trotter Delay and Filter Effects on "Whitewater", "Cosmo Calypso", "Relative Illusion" and "Red Iguana"
Tom Mark Engineering, Mixing
Tom Griesgraber Digital Editing
Steve Fallone Mastering
Jack Durieux Artwork, Design
Laurent Durieux Artwork, Design
Recorded March 1-4, 2004 at The Make Believe Ballroom, West Shckan, New York.

Digitally edited at Spotted Peccary Studios, San Diego, California.

Mixed at The Make Believe Ballroom, West Shokan, New York.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City.