Break Out Of That Guitar Scale Box

Getting caged into the same old scale pattern is something really common about guitar players - and something you want to overcome as soon as possible.

If you can move freely around the fretboard already, then this video is not for you. Move over to the next video (or better, pick up a guitar and start to practice!)

But if you always get stuck in the same pattern or position on your guitar then have a look at the video below, it will help you.

In this video you will learn a simple trick to move out of your usual pattern and roam around freely all over the fretboard. This is only one possible way to do this, of course (there is more than one way to be free!)

By learning this trick you will also learn some cool licks - what's not to like?

Now, I know your next question is going to be: "when do I practice that?" That's a legit question! Here is some help for you in creating a practice routine that works well for you and your busy life and it's not stressful:

Have fun!

Tommaso Zillio is a professional prog rock/metal guitarist and composer based in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Tommaso is currently working on an instrumental CD, and an instructional series on fretboard visualization and exotic scales. He is your go-to guy for any and all music theory-related questions.

Tommaso Zillio