Bozzio/Levin/Stevens "Situation Dangerous"

Bozzio/Levin/Stevens "Situation Dangerous"

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Situation Dangerous
The Story
"Situation Dangerous" recaptures the spontaneity of "Black Light Syndrome", the first release from guitarist Steve Stevens, bassist Tony Levin and drummer Terry Bozzio. There is an awe-inspiring yet refreshingly playful chemistry that transpires when these three complex souls get together. Stevens and Bozzio share a love for the hot passionate rhythms of flamenco. Levin and Bozzio can, and do quite often, attack their chosen weapons with a rapid delicacy that exposes a like-mindedness that is deep, abstract and rare within recorded music. And completing the trinity of graphic connections, Levin and Stevens both share a far-flung sense of exploration when it comes to the technological advancements made beyond the traditional restraints of stringed instruments. Ultimately though, each track on "Situation Dangerous", no matter what hue, colour, speed, volume or anxiety level, is the product of three legendary music minds converging and imparting the vast musical knowledge this particular and deliberate collective owns.
The Music
06:38 Dangerous Instrumental
10:09 Endless Instrumental
05:08 Crash Instrumental
04:36 Spiral Instrumental
03:37 Melt Instrumental
06:58 Tragic Instrumental
04:26 Tziganne Instrumental
06:24 Lost Instrumental
The Artists
Steve Stevens Guitars, Production, Additional Recording
Terry Bozzio Drums, Production, Artwork, Design
Tony Levin Bass, Stick, Production
Marcus Nand Additional Flamenco Guitar on "Tziganne"
R. Chris Murphy Production, Engineering
Annette Cisneros Engineering Assistance
Erich Gobel Engineering Assistance
Terry Brown Mixing
Dave Townson Digital Editing
Ken Lee Mastering
Robert Knight Photography
Dan Hanley Traycard Painting
Recorded at Town Music Studios, and at the Purple Room.

Mixed at Town Music Studios.

Mastered at Kenneth Lee Mastering.

Artwork and design by Terry Bozzio and 4D.