Bill Hart "Solo Jazz Guitar"

Bill Hart "Solo Jazz Guitar"


Bill Hart
Solo Jazz Guitar
The Story
Bill Hart's "Solo Jazz Guitar" book focuses on the study of chord melody. The first eleven units cover a variety of chord melody techniques with an explanation of each one. The first step is to study each technique extensively. Units 12 through 31 then use a combination of these techniques in twenty familiar jazz standards. One of the analogies Hart uses in his master jazz class to help students understand the concept of improvising is to compare soloing and reharmonizing tunes to making a cake. A cake has several ingredients, one being salt. Making a cake with nothing but salt would be the same as reharmonizing or soloing with only one concept. The reader is encouraged to feel free to take the liberty to enhance any of the techniques in the songs.

Techniques covered include: Diatonic and Minot Third Substitution, Contrary Motion, Back Cycles, Walking Bass Lines, Modal Chord Scales, and Chord Scales with Tension. Examples are in both standard notation and tabulature.

Songs include "All The Things You Are", "Blue In Green", "Bluesette", "Cherokee", "500 Miles High", "Giant Steps", "Here's That Rainy Day", "How Insensitive", "I Could Write A Book", "In A Sentimental Mood", "Like Someone In Love", "My Favorite Things", "My Funny Valentine", "My One And Only Love", "My Romance", "Stella By Starlight", "There Is No Greater Love", "There Will Never Be Another You", "Windows" and "Yesterdays".

Additional Facts
Canadian born and raised, Bill Hart started out listening to and playing blues. At 15 years of age, he moved to the US (Jacksonville, Florida) where he played in jam sessions with many professional players including Alan Collins and the Van Zants. From there, his deep interest in music led him to pursue music studies at Jacksonville University with Gary Starling, head of the guitar department.

Bill then decided to move to Los Angeles to study at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT). Working his way through school as a pit orchestra player, Bill studied all types of music from rock, pop, and funk to Latin, Cuban, fusion and jazz. Dedicated and driven to learn all GIT had to teach in music, Bill graduated with honors. Ready to move to New York City to start his career, Bill changed his plans when Steve Freeman, President of the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM), called him and offered him a position as guitar instructor at his school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bill began teaching at AIM and is now the head of the guitar department. He has done seminars with some of music's finest players, such as Peter Erskine, Chuck Silverman, Robbin Dimagio, Jimmy Herring (Aquarium Rescue Unit), and Shane Theriot (Neville Brothers guitarist). He has played on several recording sessions for Atlanta-based producers Randy Hoexter, Huston Singletary and Tom Kidd. He is the guitarist for the recording group Liquid Blue, who have opened for Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Lou Rawls, Joey DeFrancesco, Acoustic Alchemy and the Yellow Jackets (Jacksonville Jazz Festival).

Bill continues to study music with jazz legends Mike Stern, Steve Khan, Scott Henderson and Wayne Krantz. As an instructor, he knows that continued study enhances your playing, teaching, composition, and your growth as a musician.

Studying and playing guitar for 25 years, Bill Hart's music is a compilation of the many styles he enjoys. His current vision is to continue recording and tour as a side man with a major recording group.