Bill Connors "Return"

Bill Connors "Return"

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Bill Connors
The Story
Bill Connors is a jazz guitar legend having been a founding member of Chick Corea's RTF and a highly regarded solo artist. It has been over 15 years since Connors has made a record and rumors of a comeback record from Bill have piqued the curiosity of jazz/fusion fans worldwide who have not forgotten the impact that he has had on jazz/fusion guitar. With "Return", Connors has delivered perhaps his most impressive work to date and writers and reviewers in the genre have celebrated the chance to spread the good word about one of their heroes whose comeback record reveals Connors to be performing better than ever. Mike Stern adds, "I have always been a big Bill Connors fan and I really dig his playing. He is such a creative cat and I am glad he is recording again," while John Abercrombie writes, "Bill is a true innovator on the guitar, and it's great to have him back."
The Music
05:19 On The Edge Instrumental
05:49 Mr. Cool Instrumental
07:08 McMinor Instrumental
05:56 Mind Over Matter Instrumental
05:28 Minor Matters Instrumental
05:20 Try Tone Today Instrumental
03:51 Terrabill Blues Instrumental
04:47 Nobody Yet To Instrumental
05:05 It Be Fm Instrumental
06:46 Brasilia Instrumental
The Artists
Bill Connors Guitar
Bill O'Connell Piano
Lincoln Goines Bass
Kim Plainfield Drums, Production, Arrangement, Liner Notes
Myra Casales Percussion
Pat Thrall Production, Mixing, Liner Notes
Michael McCoy Engineering
Greg Calbi Mastering
Kaori Kinoshita Engineering Assistance
Troy Young Drum Tech
Dan Monaghan Cartage
Maureen Plainfield Photography
Recorded at The Hit Factory, NYC, September 3 & 4, 2004.

Mixed at The Hit Factory, NYC.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Artwork and cover photography by Brey Graphics, Munich.