"The Best Of Guns N' Roses"

 "The Best Of Guns N' Roses"


The Best Of Guns N' Roses
The Story
With controversy and gossip set aside, "The Best Of Guns N' Roses" by Jeff Perrin not only attempts to explore the band's distictive sound (via a step-by-step breakdown of the guitar styles and techniques of Slash), but also serves to help the reader become a better, more proficient guitarist through studying and performing the music of Guns N' Roses.

The Guns N' Roses Signature Licks book and accompanying recording effectively serves as an interactive, "hands-on" learning tool with which to study and examine some of Guns N' Roses best music. Transcription excerpts within the book feature some of the band's most significant and memorable riffs and solos off of selected tracks from Guns N' Roses four albums. Performance notes are included for each example, and all of the excerpts also appear in audio form on the book's accompanying CD. This not only lets you hear the gutiar in context, but allows you to more effectively practice the guitar parts in an ensemble setting.

When listening to the recording, you'll notice the lead or main guitar part is featured in the right channel while the rhythm section is heard in the left channel. This set-up allows you t o alter the mix of the music with your stereo's balance control so you may practice with the recording.

Features the following tracks: "Bad Obsession", "Civil War", "Don't Cry", "Garden Of Eden", "Mr. Brownstone", "Nice Boys", "Nightrain", "November Rain", "Paradise City", "Patience", "Rocket Queen", "Sewwt Child O' Mine", "Used To Love Her", "Welcome To The Jungle", "Yesterdays" and "You Could Be Mine".

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