The Benefits Of Playing Guitar

Playing guitar has so many advantages, benefits and perks. Of course, I'm quite biased being a guitarist myself. However, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular instruments (we're coming for you Piano!). Sure you can be the life of the party or someone who is adored by music lovers or... many others. You can play really refreshing music by simply strumming some chords. So what are some other benefits of being a guitarist?

Advantage #1

Studies have shown that playing the guitar improves your overall brainpower because of the work needed to initiate the signals that command your hands as well as the process of memorizing where to put your fingers to form any particular note or chord. So yes, playing guitar makes you smarter. I firmly believe that learning anything music-related is going to help you in a lot of different ways and this directly applies here. Believe it.

Advantage #2

It's so gratifying! This applies to any instrument really but the process of learning and mastering something new (a new technique, a new chord, anything) is immensely satisfying. This helps boost your self-esteem and confidence. Once your confidence grows, you will feel better about your guitar playing. You should be seeing a pattern at this point. The more your learn, the more your confidence grows which enables you to learn and grow even more. Use this knowledge to your advantage and get started learning today!

Advantage #3

Portability. How many campfires have you sat around while someone played a beautiful Beethoven sonata on their grand piano. How about enjoy a nice Bonham drum solo? Didn't think so. But I promise you if you bust out your guitar at the campfire, people are going to want to listen. And they should... you're great. And if you aren't great yet, you will be. If you learn nothing else from this article learn this - stick with it.

Advantage #4

Use that portability to your advantage! Nothing is more fun than performing on the streets for some extra cash (sidenote: some of the world's most incredible guitar players are street performers... at least according to Guthrie Govan). This may sound strange to you at first or you may be scared but it's worth the shot. It can be very rewarding plus I promise it will help your guitar playing and your overall confidence.

If you're scared I ask you, what's the worse that can happen? If people don't like you, they'll walk right on by and you may never know... but when they do like you, they will tell you. This is a positive atmosphere to be a part of. Remember: positivity is key.

Advantage #5

Your ability to express yourself. Yes, this too can apply to other instruments but I say again... there's just something special about the guitar. Bends and vibrato are common forms of expression that I encourage you to explore if you haven't already. They'll change your life just like they changed mine.

Advantage #6

The guitar is empowering. Few things make you feel more like a superstar than playing a song request to a group of friends. Plus, your talent could take your far... who knows?

Advantage #7

Recognition. While this may border on egotistical, everyone wants to be recognized for their skills, talents or especially hard work. The feeling you get after you work hard to reach a goal, and then you finally reach that goal, is unparalleled. You have to experience this to understand what I'm saying.

Of course, there are many more advantages to being a guitar player (or a musician in general - but I'm biased like I said). The most important thing is... do not give up! It doesn't matter where you are on your guitar playing journey. I encourage you to continually set goals for yourself and continually push yourself to reach those goals.

And as always, I'm here for you! If you have any questions, need some help, or just want to talk I'm always available. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Dallas Dwight is an instrumental guitarist who composes original songs in a style that blends technical prowess with a strong sense of melody. You can get more free guitar articles at his web site.

Beyond playing guitar, Dallas is an avid composer, producer, songwriter and full-time gear junkie.

Dallas Dwight