Behzad "Strings Of Desire"

Behzad "Strings Of Desire"

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Strings Of Desire
The Story
"Strings Of Desire" showcases Iranian guitarist Behzad Aghabeigi's blend of traditional Spanish sounds, inviting Middle Eastern melodies and passionate flamenco rhythms and fire. Behzad writes, "As they say, all of life is a 'homecoming'... you never forget where you took your first breath and where you gained your first sight of life's miracle in hand... I am no different from any other mortal so my hometown is where it all started from and is the place I go back to every time I pick up my guitar and strum... The clarity of the air used to inspire my play and the nostalgia still shows me the way. Somewhere in India Flamenco was born and then traveled via the Middle East ending up somewhere in Spain... where it gathered the fame it inspired... throughout history gypsies have traveled endlessly searching for a different reality... the gypsy is loose again to find new colors in the rain... out of the new colors comes the rainbow of hope in the music of the world, stretching the rope to capture the chord that plays in our hearts in accord with the universes' road to behold the universal scope ahead of the millennium's hope."
The Music
04:44 Celestial Tribe Instrumental
05:12 Dance Of The Matador Instrumental
05:51 Amazon Rain Instrumental
05:00 Journey Of Love Instrumental
06:01 Rumi's Inspiration Instrumental
05:11 Strings Of Desire Instrumental
03:13 Somewhere In Spain Instrumental
04:39 Time Flies Instrumental
04:54 Touch My Soul Instrumental
05:20 Fire Within Instrumental
04:42 Nocturnal Light Instrumental
04:27 El-Almo Instrumental
The Artists
Behzad Aghabeigi Guitar, Arrangements, Production, Engineering, Song Titles
Shakeh Aghajanian Flamenco guitar custom made by Hermanos Conde 94 - Sobrinos De Esteso.

Additional song titles by Shelly.

Art work by Nadia and Zareh.

Photography by Vahid and Mazyar.