Artension "Phoenix Rising"

Artension "Phoenix Rising"

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Phoenix Rising
The Story
Artension return with "Phoenix Rising", their follow-up to 1996's international success "Eye Of The Storm." Once again twenty-two year old Ukrainian keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, Swiss guitarist Roger Staffelbach and world-class vocalist John West are the driving force, with drummer Mike Terrana and bassist Kevin Chown completing the band. This CD will push the boundaries while remaining true to Artension's progressive metal influences. As you might expect, brilliant neo-classical ensemble sections and furious solo trade-offs augment some dynamic progressive metal songwriting. The lone instrumental is the Kuprij solo piano composition "I Really Don't Care", and James Murphy adds a guest guitar solo to "Goin' Home".
The Music
07:30 Area 51 Vocal
06:43 Through The Gate Vocal
08:47 Valley Of The Kings Vocal
04:44 Blood Brother Vocal
04:59 Into The Blue Vocal
07:45 Phoenix Rising Vocal
04:52 Forbidden Love Vocal
07:38 The City Is Lost Vocal
06:08 Goin' Home Vocal
02:13 I Really Don't Care Instrumental
The Artists
Roger Staffelbach Guitars, Production
James Murphy Guitar Solo on "Goin' Home" , Engineering, Mastering
Mike Terrana Drums
Vitalij Kuprij Keyboards, Production
Kevin Chown Bass
John West Vocals
Mike Varney Production
Mark Rennick Basic Tracks Engineering, Mixing
Joe Marquez Vocal Engineering
Gene Cornelius Mixing Assistance
Christopher Ash Mastering
Pat Johnson Photography
Dave Stephens Graphic Design, Cover Illustration
Basic tracks, vocals and mixing performed at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Guitar and keyboards tracks recorded at Sound Temple Studios.

Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Mastered at Sound One.