Artension "Machine"

Artension "Machine"

album cover

The Story
Artension's 2000 Shrapnel Records release, "Machine", marks the group's return to the heavy progressive sound of "Phoenix Rising" and once again showcases the musical virtuosity of founders Vitalij Kuprij (keyboards), Roger Staffelbach (guitar) and John West (vocals). Intense neo-classical ensemble sections and solo trade-offs augment some of the best progressive metal song writing in the genre. The guitar work is cutting edge, cleanly articulated and adds a perfect counterpoint to the incredible keyboard solos that Kuprij is known for. Superb songs, not just shred or chops, will set Artension's "Machine" apart from other heavily progressive CDs.
The Music
05:24 Machine Vocal
05:54 The Way Vocal
05:00 Madness Calling Vocal
05:16 Mother Earth Vocal
05:07 Wings Of War Vocal
04:53 Evolution In Reverse Vocal
06:10 Time Goes Slowly By Vocal
04:55 The Loser Never Wins Vocal
06:20 I See Through Your Eyes Vocal
The Artists
Roger Staffelbach Guitar
Vitalij Kuprij Keyboards, Production, Arrangements
John West Vocals
Shane Gaalaas Drums
John Onder Bass
Mike Varney Production
Mark Rennick Basic Track Engineering
Joe Marquez Basic Track Engineering
Gene Cornelius Engineering Assistance
James Murphy Guit. and Keyboard Overdub Engineering, Mixing Assistance
Lonnie Park Vocal Engineering
Ralph Patlan Mixing
Christopher Ash Mastering
Dave Stephens Graphic Design
Steve Jennings Photography
Dana Merkur Photography
Basic tracks recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Guitar and keyboard overdubs recorded at Sound Temple Studio, Oakland, CA.

Vocals recorded at Ultimate Studio, NY.

Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Mastered at Spark, Emeryville, CA.