Are You Getting Paid to Criticize?

By my estimation, people lose 5-10 hours a week criticizing everything from the economy, the President, their job, the people in their life and even other artists. None of this does any good. The economy is not going to magically change to where you will become better off over night, every President is the same, they will do some good and a lot of stupid things. Your job isn't going to get better unless you change it and the people in your life who bitch and moan are there because you allow them to be.

So what does this have to do with your music? Everything! The media will always pay attention to someone who is getting a lot of it in their market. Live venues are actually paying more these days but only to local artists who know what the venue wants and how to properly market themselves. Focus on building relationships with your new and old fans based upon value instead of complaining.

We live in a time when everyone constantly complains, expects to get a hand out for not working and finds it easier to blame others for their lack of effort. The simple rule in life has always been, those who focus on themselves and helping others will get the attention they want and the benefits they deserve. Complaining isn't going to get you farther down the road. A well thought out evolving plan of action and making use of the lost 5-10 hours every week will.

Author Tim Sweeney is head of Tim Sweeney & Associates, who are entering their 18th year of being, "the only true artist development company in the world."

Tim is one of the music industry's most sought after experts and consultants, and has written several influential books including "Tim Sweeney's Guide To Releasing Independent Records".

Tim Sweeney