A&R Cover Letter Example

Your Name
Your Address

Current Date

Name of Contact (Mr. or Ms.)
Name of Company

Dear Mr./Ms.,

It was a pleasure meeting you at ____. In the brief time we had to talk, I mentioned the group _______, an __________ ___ band from Seattle that I have been working with for the past year. You were kind enough to suggest that I send you a copy of their CD.

Enclosed you will find their demo, and the _______ you requested.

____________ will be playing several gigs around Seattle in the next couple of months. If you enjoy the CD, and would like to see the bands live show, let me know and I will put you on the guest list for one of their upcoming shows.

The band recently got a great review in _________. ______ _____ reviewed a recent show by saying; Not since _______ have I heard such ________ and _______ ________ . When you get a chance to hear their CD, I think you will agree with that comment.

If you have any questions about the band, please feel free to call me anytime. I can be reached at ___ ___-____.

I will be contacting you next week to follow up on this letter.

Thank you for your time.


Your Name (be sure to sign the letter)

Instructions For Writing A Music Business Letter

1. Justify left the whole letter.

2. At least 2 inches down, put your name and address.

3. Put the date next, after your name and address.

4. The Salutation: Address the letter to the person using their last name, (unless you are certain that you are on a first name basis with the person.) i.e.

   Dear Mr. Mann, or
   Dear Ms. Gunderson, (Use a comma after their name.)

5. The Body: This is where the purpose of the letter is stated. The first sentence should introduce yourself, and the reason for the letter. It is always a good idea to include in this introduction, the circumstances of having previously met or talked with the person to whom you are writing your letter. Keep the paragraphs short. One paragraph, one thought.

Be sure to have a short descriptive sentence that addresses the genre of music that the artist makes. Mention any attachments you have included along with the letter. Mention, with quotes if possible, something positive that has been said about the artist's music by other music business professionals. Mention any live shows that are up-coming, and invite the person to attend a show.

6. The Closing: End the letter with a thank you for their time. Mention that you will be looking forward to hearing from them. Mention that you will be contacting them as well.

7. Be sure to close the letter with the term "Sincerely", then drop down several spaces, type your name, and sign it above your typed name.

A Few Other Tips

1. Tell the reader what you want from them.
2. Make the letter easy to read.
3. Keep your writing style natural, personal, and positive.
4. Be polite and considerate in your tone.

Throughout his fprty year career in the music business, FourFront Media & Music's Christopher Knab has shared his experience at many industry conventions and conferences, including the New Music Seminar and the Northwest Area Music Business Conference.

Knab was owner of a San Francisco music store, co-owner of the 415 Records label, and station manager at KCMU Radio in Seattle.

He currently provides a unique consultation and education service for independent musicians and record labels. His new book is entitled "Music Is Your Business".

Christopher Knab