Andy Timmons "That Was Then, This Is Now"

Andy Timmons "That Was Then, This Is Now"

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Andy Timmons
That Was Then, This Is Now
The Story
Guitarist Andy Timmons has experienced great success with several of his solo releases in Europe and Japan, but "That Was Then, This Is Now", subtitled The Best Of X-tacy is his first worldwide CD that includes a US release! This CD features 11 newly re-mastered tracks from his first two highly acclaimed solo releases, "Ear X-Tacy" and "Ear X-Tacy 2", as well as five new instrumentals recorded especially for this compilation ("Super '70s", "Pink Champagne Sparkle", "Falling Down", "Beautiful, Strange" and "Donna Lee (Twist - Live!)") that contain some of Andy's best playing ever. Songs such as the Hendrix inspired "Electric Gypsy", the homage to Stevie Ray Vaughan, "I Remember Stevie", a beautiful ballad "A Night To Remember", the country chicken-picking barn-burner "Farmer Sez", and the incredible tribute to George Harrison, "Slips Away" are just a few examples of why Andy has long been respected and admired in the guitar community. The common thread through all these musical genres seems to be Andy's passionate style and sense of melody.
The Music
04:21 Super '70s Instrumental
03:42 Pink Champagne Sparkle Instrumental
04:22 Falling Down Instrumental
03:52 Beautiful, Strange Instrumental
04:14 Turn Away Instrumental
05:19 I Remember Stevie Instrumental
06:56 Cry For You Instrumental
01:47 Farmer Sez Instrumental
04:34 Electric Gypsy Instrumental
04:44 It's Getting Better Instrumental
03:43 That Was Then, This Is Now Instrumental
02:26 Groove Or Die Instrumental
05:32 A Night To Remember Instrumental
04:00 Carpe Diem Instrumental
03:05 Donna Lee (Twist - Live!) Instrumental
04:48 Slips Away Vocal
The Artists
Andy TImmons Guitars, Vocals on Track 16, Production, Additional Engineering
Mike Daane Bass
Mitch Marine Drums
Dan Wojciechowski Drum on Tracks 12, 13, 14 and 16
Robert Wechsler Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Gregg Pearlman Track 15 Engineering
Robert Greeson Art Direction, Additional Photography
James Bland Photography
Tracks 5-10 and 14 recorded at Luminous Sound, Dallas, TX and are from the 1994 release "Ear X-Tacy".

Tracks 11-13 and 16 recorded at Luminous Sound, Dallas, TX and are from the 1997 release "Ear X-Tacy 2".

Tracks 1-4 recorded 12/2001 at Palmyra Studios, Palmer, TX.

Additional recording at Karma House Studios, McKinney, TX.

Track 15 recorded live direct to DAT 5/23/2001 at the Blue Cat Blues, Dallas, TX.

"Super '70s" intro Andy circa 1978.

Mom played by Mom!