Andy James "Ultimate Techniques: Speed Soloing"

Andy James "Ultimate Techniques: Speed Soloing"


Andy James
Ultimate Techniques: Speed Soloing
The Story
[NOTE: This package includes a DVD-R in NTSC format, and the corresponding DVD in the European PAL format. In the U.S., you may be able to play the PAL version in your computer's DVD/CD drive - check your system.] Learn killer speed building and speed soloing techniques with Andy James.

"Ultimate Techniques: Speed Soloing" is a superb DVD-R that will teach you essential techniques to get your soloing up to warp speed! Lessons range from basic tips to advanced shredding techniques including alternate picking, snap picking, legato techniques, speed building and co-ordination techniques plus much more. Also includes a jam track to practise and perform with.

DVD-R format (about DVD-R compatibility).

Additional Facts
The DVD is hosted by Andy James, who is a well respected guitarist and teacher whose influences include Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Tony Macalpine and Zakk Wylde. His blistering technique has been applauded by guitar legends such as Vinnie Moore, and featured on Sky TV's Musicians Channel.