Allan Holdsworth "Secrets"

album cover

Allan Holdsworth
The Story
Matt Resnicoff writes in the liner notes about Allan Holdsworth's CD "Secrets", "This is not a guitar synthesizer album, nor is it a guitar album. It would be perfectly accurate to describe it as nothing like you've ever heard before, and Allan as a guitar player like none you've heard before, but the statement's shortsightedness does a disservice to Allan's vision. Allan Holdsworth consistently creates music like no other: devil takes hindmost, means be damned. And it's not in the arrangement of notes he plays, the speed at which he plays them or the tools he uses; the beauty is held in the passionate way he makes them gleam together from a deep-seated feeling to a tangible mass of sound - and back to a feeling once again. This is like nothing you've heard before. Close your eyes, open your ears, and capture a glimpse of Allan Holdsworth's secret."
The Music
02:33 City Nights Instrumental
04:22 Secrets Vocal
04:34 54 Duncan Terrace Instrumental
05:59 Joshua Instrumental
03:32 Spokes Instrumental
07:16 Maid Marion Instrumental
04:45 Peril Premonition Instrumental
04:19 Endomorph Instrumental
The Artists
Allan Holdsworth Guitar, Synthaxe, Production, Mixing
Jimmy Johnson Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
Rowanne Mark Vocals on "Secrets"
Alan Pasqua Acoustic Piano
Steve Hunt Keyboards
Bob Wackerman Bass
Chad Wackerman Drums, Keyboards
Clair Holdsworth Voice
Jeffrey Ocheltree Hammer
Craig Copeland Additional Instrument
Gary Husband Additional Instrument
Robert Feist Mixing
Biff Vincent Additional Engineering
Charlie Watts Additional Engineering
Dan Humann Additional Engineering
Ed Colver Photography
Lisa Sutton Design
Bernie Grundman Original Mastering
Matt Resnicoff Liner Notes
Recorded at Front Page Recorders.

Additional recording at Music Grinder and The Brewery.

Mixed at The Brewery.