Albert Collins "Instructional DVD For Guitar"

Albert Collins "Instructional DVD For Guitar"


Albert Collins
Instructional DVD For Guitar
The Story
On his "Instructional DVD For Guitar", meet one of the true legends of blues guitar, Albert Collins. Hosted by GIT's blues expert Keith Wyatt, this DVD is packed with everything from Albert discussing his tuning, use of the capo, influences, and lots of great down-home playing.

You'll learn many of Albert's licks, unique rhythms, and how he uses his thumb and fingers to achieve those soulful, funky sounds. Then, sit back and enjoy Albert doing what he does best - playing live at Hollywood's Musicians Institute.

The included booklet contains all examples and solo transcriptions in standard music notation and tablature. See why the "Iceman" has influenced so many guitarist the world over.

For the guitarist of any level or inclination, this DVD is a must as an invaluable catalogue of blues and jazz-rock idioms.

Special DVD features include: Tuning Segment, Bonus Performance: B.B. King, Bonus Performance: Robben Ford, Bonus Lesson: Blues Phrasing, Additional Product Previews, Internet Connectivity, Booklet.

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Additional Facts
Albert Collins, "The Master of the Telecaster," "The Iceman," and "The Razor Blade started out taking keyboard lessons. His idol when he was a teen was Hammond B-3 organist Jimmy McGriff. But by the time he was 18 years old, he switched to guitar, and hung out and heard his heroes, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker and Lightnin' Hopkins (his cousin) in Houston-area nightclubs. Collins began performing in these same clubs, going after his own style, characterized by his use of minor tunings and a capo, by the mid-'50s.

Collins' big break came about in 1977, when he was signed to the Chicago-based Alligator Records, and he released his brilliant debut for the label in 1978, "Ice Pickin'". Collins recorded six more albums for the label, culminating in 1986's "Cold Snap", on which organist Jimmy McGriff performs. It was at Alligator Records that Collins began to realize that he could sing adequately, and working with his wife Gwen, he co-wrote many of his classic songs, including items like "Mastercharge," and "Conversation With Collins."

Collins enjoyed some media celebrity in the last few years of his life, via concert appearances at Carnegie Hall, on Late Night with David Letterman, in the Touchstone film, "Adventures in Babysitting", and in a classy Seagram's Wine Cooler commercial with Bruce Willis.