Al DiMeola "Kiss My Axe"

Al DiMeola "Kiss My Axe"

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Al DiMeola
Kiss My Axe
The Story
The fire is back. You can hear it in no uncertain terms on the supercharged title cut from "Kiss My Axe", Al DiMeola's most intense electric album in ten years. The power and fury of a Les Paul, his signature sound throughout the 70s is very much in evidence on this dynamic electric band offering. The speed, impeccable technique and intensity that typlified DiMeola's best work during fusion's heyday is tempered here with seasoning and soul, two qualities that a musician acquires with age. DiMeola speaks volumes on "Kiss My Axe" as bursts of speed mark "Phantom", "Global Safari" and the title track.
The Music
05:22 South Bound Traveler Instrumental
05:49 The Embrace Instrumental
05:04 Kiss My Axe Instrumental
07:41 Morocco Instrumental
02:36 Gigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude #1) Instrumental
08:19 One Night Last June Instrumental
07:53 Phantom Instrumental
02:32 Erotic Interlude (Interlude #2) Instrumental
05:42 Global Safari Instrumental
01:59 Interlude #3 Instrumental
06:45 Purple Orchids Instrumental
01:16 The Prophet (Interlude #4) Instrumental
05:19 Oriana (September 24 ,1988) Instrumental
The Artists
Al DiMeola Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Cymbals, Tabla Keys, Daughter's Toys, Macintosh IIc with Vision, Macintosh IIc with Performer, Production, Arrangement
Barry Miles Grand Piano, Synthesizer, Synth Programming, Hand Claps, Synclavier, Production, Arrangement
Rachel Z Synthesizers
Anthony Jackson Electric Bass
Tony Scherr Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass
Richie Morales Drums
Omar Hakim Drums
Arto Tuncboyaciyan Percussion, Voice, Hand Claps, Bongos, Triangles, Bata
Oriana DiMeola Baby Talk
Gumbi Ortiz Congas, Hand Claps, Bata
Sean Haines Production Assistance, Macintosh Computer Programming, Live Computer Programming, Equipment Management
Milton Glaser Design
Henry Wolf Photography
Kip Kaplan Executive Production
Alia Jordan Model
Frank Filipetti Engineering, Mixing
Victor Deyglio Engineering Assitance
Dave Palmer Engineering
Dante Gioia Engineering Assistance
Vittorio Zammarano Additional Engineering
Todd Carpenter Assistance
Dan Mockensturm Synclavier Programmer Engineering
Mark Mason Engineering Assistance
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Recorded at Power Station, New York City and Hit Factory (May 1991).

Mixed at Soundtracks.

Pre-Production at Platinum Post Studios, Orlando, Florida (September, 1989).

Mastered at Masterdisc - NYC.