Adrian Legg "High Strung Tall Tales"

Adrian Legg "High Strung Tall Tales"

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Adrian Legg
High Strung Tall Tales
The Story
Adrian Legg is a unique and engaging artist who has steadily built a solid reputation among musicians, fans and the press as one of the most talented guitar instrumentalists and undeniably one of Britain's wittiest imports. "High Strung Tall Tales", Legg's 1994 effort features the complete Adrian; five of Adrian's troubadour style stories recorded live, three

live songs and twelve new studio tracks. High Strung, Tall Tales came

about by, in Legg's words, "the same kind of organic process as all the others, going in with some kind of vague idea and gradually arriving

at a form and shape." While there is plenty of Legg's classic flowing guitar eloquence to behold, there are quirky detours as well. The album's centerpiece is the ambitious and beautiful "High Strung Suite" ("Meditation" through "Slient Night - The Movie") an extended work played in "Nashville" or "high strung" tuning, which raises the pitch of a standard acoustic by an octave.

The Music
03:21 Celandine Instrumental
04:00 The Crockett Waltz Instrumental
04:24 The Cool Cajun Instrumental
03:35 Song For Di Instrumental
03:14 Sweetheart Instrumental
06:02 Meditation Instrumental
01:45 Hispanic Theme Instrumental
02:54 Thirds Instrumental
02:52 Major Theme Instrumental
02:52 Naive II Instrumental
03:14 Silent Night - The Movie Instrumental
03:31 Mud & Jigs Vocal
03:20 Paddy In The Synagogue/The Pregnant... Instrumental
03:22 Sharon Puckett's Knees Vocal
05:15 The Irish Girl Instrumental
06:35 Profiles In Hormones Vocal
02:29 Queenie's Waltz Instrumental
01:58 Two Duties Vocal
03:11 Meditation Reprise Instrumental
01:14 Nasenhaarmechismus Vocal
The Artists
Adrian Legg Guitar, Production, Cover Concept
John Wicks Engineering
Peter Humphreys Mastering
Bob Barrella Design, Art Direction
Jeff Sacks Photography
Recorded at Third Story Recording Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

Mastered at Masterworks, Philadelphia, PA.