Up 4 Back 1

Welcome back! In this lesson I would like to show you a cool scale sequence that is not commonly used. This scale sequence is a 4-note type that is based off a really common pattern, check out Example 1a. This pattern is really common and is widely used with all types of music and shredders. Basically, this 4 note pattern is built by taking any scale and playing 4 notes and going back 2 notes and playing the next 4. For example, C, D, E, F _ D, E, F, G.

MP3 - Up 4 Back 1, Example 1a

The pattern I will be showing you is up 4, back 1. For example C, D, E, F _ E, F, G, A, like in Example 1b. This is a short Eb major pattern on two strings to show you the basic idea, and we will be using this pattern in the next set of examples.

MP3 - Up 4 Back 1, Example 1b

Example 2 shows the back 4, up 1 sequence on 2 strings moving up the neck in the G Phrygian scale, which shares the same notes as a Eb major. For this example, and all the others, be sure to alternate pick.

MP3 - Up 4 Back 1, Example 2

Example 3 is the same sequence moving across the neck, also in G Phrygian. This one sounds cool and it can be tricky, be sure to follow the suggested fingerings. If you notice, this pattern moves up in intervals of fifths. I only put the fingerings in a few places - you can use what is comfortable for you.

MP3 - Up 4 Back 1, Example 3

Now let's reverse this pattern. Example 4 is pretty much the same as Example 2, but backwards, and we are moving down the neck. You can do pull-offs on this example if you like. I like to alternate pick all the notes, you can get a smoother sound by using pull-offs. Be sure to experiment.

MP3 - Up 4 Back 1, Example 4


OK, that is it for now! Be sure to make up your own patterns and visit mikecampese.com.

Mike Campese is an all-around music performer, session artist and teacher competent in many musical styles, electric and acoustic. He has studied at G.I.T. (Honors Graduate), and with Paul Gilbert, Norman Brown, Stanley Jordan, Scott Henderson and Keith Wyatt.

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