Interview: Plankton

The gear we use is a major part of the Plankton sound. We¥re resting on a solid foundation of the classic sounds from the 60¥s and 70¥s, made famous by Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin among others. It¥s basically Strats into various vintage Marshall amps and cabinets.

Interview: Matt Williams

Liquid Note Records (or LNR) was set up to principally cater for virtuoso instrumental guitar music - though that`s not to rule out the possibility that we`ll also release vocal albums in the future. LNR`s aim is to release albums every bit as good - or, dare I say it, better - than those released by the mighty Shrapnel.

Interview: Michael Fath

I`ve been playing guitar for 35 years, and still find it very challenging, and exciting. I work at it every single day, and realize that the real fun and spirit of this entire process of being a professional player is the `journey`, not the `end-game`. Sometimes I feel as if I am just getting started. The most important aspect of learning different styles of music, is one`s genuine love for that particular style.

Interview: Steve Fister

The beauty of being an independent artist is that I don`t die if I don`t score a big record deal! I`ll still have a career. These days with, Guitar 9, and some independent distribution, I can grow and have more control over my musical fate. A new CD means a bright new day, with more to follow!

Interview: Toshi Iseda

Doing clinics has allowed me go to places and promote myself where I wouldn`t have been able to have even dreamed of going to. I`ve done clinics/workshops/performances in Germany, Spain, Japan, Greece, Sweden, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Canada, Belgium and of course the U.S. Being one of the top clinicians in the U.S. has gotten me to places I only read about in school.

Interview: Paul Nelson

I guess like a fingerprint, no one musician can be exactly alike, so that helps a bit. If I were to make any distinction, it would be that I really respect the tune itself and have always sacrificed technical acrobatics and note bombardment for the sake of melody, depth and feel - which I`ll will admit is a constant battle.


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