Interview: Sergio Lara

Of course besides the music, there is another very important part of your musicianship, which is to learn how to market yourself. It all starts with acting professional, being on time, learning your parts. Learn to ask for advice when you need it from players that have more experience than you.

Interview: Dick Dale

I run my business, do my own booking, I do everything! We don`t have no managers, no agents, none of that. That`s what I tell these kids now. You`re better off making your own record, selling it at your own place and owning the rights to your own records.

Interview: Michael Fath

Try to become proficient in marketing, and develop a keen business sense. This includes your recordings, music book publishing, other merchandising endeavors, etc. The music industry is a very, very tough one, and it takes serious dedication and an unbelievable work ethic to survive.

Interview: Miguel Mega

The first thing that you should care about for a CD release is the music. You have to trust in yourself as a musician and composer and try to come up with interesting music and then find a nice studio to record it in, or you can record at home if you have a nice home studio.

Interview: Joy Basu

There were a lot of different things that inspired this CD. Once I put the studio together, I just started recording what I wanted to hear. I love guitar and electronic music. I really wanted to blend the two together more than it`s ever been done.


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