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Scotty Anderson

"Classic Scotty"

The Story
Executive producer Dale Rabiner writes, "Our enthusiasm for "Triple Stop", which was guitarist Scotty Anderson's debut on the J Curve Roots & Blues label, has only been exceeded by our zea, for "Classic Scotty". When it comes to Scotty there are two kinds of people: his devoted fans and those that haven't yet heard his amazing guitar wizardry. "Classic Scotty" is a kaleidoscope of the diverse musical genres that reside within him. Whether he's playing solo or with a group, serving up raw country blues or sophisticated jazz lines, breaking the sound barrier or sensitively interpreting a ballad, his rare virtuosity is ever present." Founder of Guitar One Wolf Marshall also enthuses, "Like the vintage 'Vette on the cover, "Classic Scotty", with its rainbow of Telecaster tones and transcendent playing, is a proud metaphor for the American experience. This recording is an instant classic with powerful implications for the future, and promises to be the most mind-boggling and satisfying guitar release of the year. Make that, any year."

The Music
03:15 Going Down This Road Feeling Bad Instrumental
04:47 La Grange Vocal
04:13 Cold Cold Heart Instrumental
05:29 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Vocal
03:03 Honey Fingers Instrumental
03:48 Milk Cow Blues Instrumental
05:06 Boogie On Reggae Woman Vocal
02:44 All My Loving Instrumental
03:16 Ruby Are You Mad At Your Man Instrumental
03:55 16 Candles Instrumental

The Artists
Scotty Anderson  -  Guitar
Harold Kennedy  -  Acoustic Guitar
Bill Wood  -  Lead Vocals
Pat Kelly  -  Organ, Background Vocals, Liner Notes, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Michael Sharfe  -  Electric Bass
Randy Winters  -  Drums
Rick Marksberry  -  Harmonica
P. Ann Everson-Price  -  Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Eugene Goss  -  Lead Vocals, Congas, Percussion
Scott Risner  -  Mandolin
Paul Patterson  -  Fiddle
Steve Hoskins  -  Tenor Sax
Wolf Marshall  -  Liner Notes
Dale Rabiner  -  Liner Notes, Executive Production
Jim Krause  -  Engineering
Bill Gwynne  -  Engineering, Mixing
Dan Murphy  -  Mastering
Karen Berger  -  Graphic Design

Recorded at Lausche Recording Studios, Cincinnati, OH, Group Effor Sound Studio, Erlanger, KY and Cabin 2 Studio, Newtown, OH.

Mixed and mastered at Group Effort Sound Studio.

Photography by Xor.

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