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Vicente Amigo

"City Of Ideas"

The Story
"City Of Ideas" is an album which gives us an insight into Vicente Amigo's personality. This album, in which we can sense the loneliness of the creative process, captures Vicente's search for spontaneity - he doesn't want his listeners to guess the intricate musical processes behind his sound; instead, he renders his musical web invisible and invites us to immerse ourselves in pure feeling. His music is truly for everyone - inebriated with melody and rhythm, seeming to flow with the forces of nature. Vicente invites us to enter his "City Of Ideas", where there are "Three Notes To Say I Love You", where "The Afternoon Is Like Candy", and where "the eyes of the Alhambra never cease to watch..." where Manuel, the gypsy, sits down to enjoy a love song, a bolero; and where children sing out words like "Tata". which someday we might understand the meaning of.

The Music
04:49 Three Notes To Say I Love You Vocal
07:07 The Afternoon Is Sweetness Vocal
06:30 Eyes Of The Alhambra Vocal
05:18 Manuel, My Friend Vocal
06:09 Cordoba Instrumental
08:25 City Of Ideas Vocal
04:26 Tata Vocal
05:59 Vicente's Bolero Instrumental

The Artists
Vicente Amigo  -  Guitar, Backing Vocals, Production, Direction
Pedro Aznar  -  Vocals
Mino Cinelu  -  Drums, Percussion
Alfredo Paixao  -  Bass
Rafael Gonzalez  -  Keyboards
Dieguito "El Cigala"  -  Vocals
Todd Gerard  -  Mastering
Juan Carrasco  -  Jaleos (Other Vocals)
Nigel Walker  -  Mixing
Boris Alarcon  -  Mixing
Oscar Clavel  -  Mixing
Josie Di Chiara  -  U.S. Release Direction
"El Bo"  -  Jaleos (Other Vocals)
Antonio Serrano  -  Harmonica
Tino Di Geraldo  -  Cajon (Flamenco Percussion)
Domingo Patricio  -  Flute
Angela Bautista  -  Backing Vocals
Tere Bautista  -  Backing Vocals
Chaboli  -  Percussion
Lin Cortes  -  Backing Vocals
Felpu  -  Palmas (Hand-Clapping)
Botas  -  Palmas (Hand-Clapping)
Alfredo Golino  -  Drums
Echegarary Street  -  Percussion
Lulo Perez  -  Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Candido Mijares  -  Saxophone
Joan Albert Amargos  -  Orchestration
Alfonso Ordieres  -  Violin
Antonio Esmeralda  -  Violin
David La Fuente  -  Violin
Elisabeth Rosales  -  Violin
Michael Pearson  -  Violin
Natalia Ruiz  -  Violin
Sergio Franco  -  Violin
Stefania Pina  -  Violin
Carlos Berriga  -  Viola
Lorena Vidal  -  Viola
Roberto Alonso  -  Viola
Sergio Fernandez  -  Viola
Adam Hunter  -  Violincello
Rafael Dominguez  -  Violincello
Raul Pinillos  -  Violincello
Francisco Ibanez  -  Trumpet
Norman Hogue  -  Trombone
Jose Rossell  -  French Horn
Salvador Navarro  -  French Horn
Manuel Ruiz  -  Coordination, Production Assistance, Backing Vocals
Antonio Algarrada  -  Engineering
Mario Karpinski  -  Engineering Assistance
David De La Heras  -  Engineering Assistance
Javier Salas  -  Photography

Recorded in Estudios Filigrana (Cordoba) and mixed in Estudios Eurosonic (Madrid).

Mastered at Gerald Sound Lab, New York, June, 2000.

Graphic design and image treatment by JARA.

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