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"Burn The Sun"

The Story
"Burn The Sun", Norway-based Ark's second album, takes the band a noticeable step further than their debut. Joining the line up of guitarist Tore Ostby, vocalist Jorn Lande and drummer John Macaluso are bassist Randy Coven (Steve Vai, Steve Morse) and keyboard player Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen). The band have once again experimented with many different styles, incorporating everything from Eastern rhythms and chants, Latin sections and odd phrasings to more modern influences using very '70s influenced, but modern, sound technology. There is a classic feel to the album that is progressive but has a serious groove to it as well. "Burn The Sun" consistently shows how versatile a band can be, while keeping a common thread that ties their songs together to give them an identifiable stamp throughout the album. Rhythmically, this CD will show a lot of young axeslingers how it's done - highly recommended.

The Music
06:37 Heal The Waters Vocal
03:51 Torn Vocal
04:34 Burn The Sun Vocal
05:31 Resurrection Vocal
05:05 Absolute Zero Vocal
04:36 Just A Little Vocal
04:15 Waking Hour Vocal
05:03 Noose Vocal
03:56 Feed The Fire Vocal
04:03 I Bleed Vocal
09:04 Missing You Vocal

The Artists
Tore Ostby  -  Guitars, Production
Jorn Lande  -  Vocals
John Macaluso  -  Drums, Production
Randy Coven  -  Bass
Mats Olausson  -  Keyboards
Tommy Newton  -  Production
Mathias Janke  -  Cover Artwork

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Area 51 Recording Studios, Germany.

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