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"Brazilian Soul"

The Story
"Brazilian Soul" teams guitarists Laurindo Almeida, the man most generally credited with combining jazz and Brazilian music into what was to become bossa nova, and Charlie Byrd, the first one to popularize that form in America. They both possess vast knowledge of Brazilian music, slong with the flawless technique needed to play it. "Brazilian Soul" features almost no improvisation, as both guitarists tightly arranged every selection. Almeida adds a spontaneous phrase here and there as a transition between segments on some pieces, while Byrd stretches out a bit on "For Jeff" and "Stone Flower" (one of the album's highlights). Certainly a great listening experience.

The Music
03:45 Carioca Instrumental
03:38 Naquele Tempo Instrumental
02:37 Cochichando Instrumental
02:49 Luperce Instrumental
02:55 Famoso Instrumental
02:50 Choro II Instrumental
02:44 Brazilian Soul Instrumental
04:55 Stone Flower Instrumental
06:46 For Jeff Instrumental
03:32 Don't Cry For Me Argentina Instrumental

The Artists
Laurindo Almeida  -  Guitar
Charlie Byrd  -  Guitar
Milt Holland  -  Percussion
Bob Magnusson  -  Bass
Carl E. Jefferson  -  Production
Phil Edwards  -  Engineering, Mixing
Harry Naltchayan  -  Cover Photography
Dick Hendler  -  Art Direction

Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, California, December 1980.

Remixed at PER, San Francisco, California.

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