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Live At The Baked Potato

"Volume 1"

The Story
Live At The Baked Potato, "Volume 1" features the performances of leading jazz/fusion musicians such as Jeff Richman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Gregg Bissonette, Tom Breckline, Ralph Humphry, Danny Gottleib, Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Haslip, Abe Laboriel, Jimmy Earl, Robert Hurst, Dave Carpenter, Tom Kennedy, Mitch Forman, Russ Ferrante, Jeff Babko, Peter Wolfe, Steve Taviglone, Jeff Beal and Brandon Fields, this series brings together the best players on the renowned L.A. jazz fusion scene. The CD could be subtitled the 'Jeff Richman guitar show', as the jazz guitarist cuts heads with musicians such as soprano saxophonist Steve Tavaglione on Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street", and tenor saxophonist Brandon Fields on his own "Monkfish".

The Music
11:15 Mercy Street Instrumental
10:56 Ain't Gonna Wait Instrumental
10:58 Monkfish Instrumental
10:38 Seven Stars Instrumental
11:23 Splatch Instrumental
09:01 Dreamscape Instrumental

The Artists
Jeff Richman  -  Guitar, Associate Production, Musical Direction
Vinnie Colaiuta  -  Drums
Abraham Laboriel  -  Bass
Steve Tavaglione  -  Soprano Saxophone
Ralph Humphrey  -  Drums
Dave Carpenter  -  Bass
Mitchell Foreman  -  Keyboards
Jimmy Haslip  -  Bass
Chad Wackerman  -  Drums
Brandon Fields  -  Tenor Saxophone
Russell Ferrante  -  Piano
Danny Gottlieb  -  Drums
Robert Hurst  -  Acoustic Bass
Dave Weckl  -  Drums
Peter Wolf  -  Keyboards
Simon Phillips  -  Drums
Tom Kennedy  -  Bass
Jeff Babko  -  Keyboards
Phillip Griffin  -  Production
Paul Ericksen  -  Engineering, Mixing
Rick Silva  -  Engineering and Mixing on "Ain`t Gonna Wait"
Dave Stephens  -  Graphic Design, Album Logo
Kathrin Kraft  -  Photography

Recorded at the Baked Potato in Hollywood, CA, circa 1999-2000.

Mixed at the Treehouse Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Mastered by Ash at Spark, Los Angeles , CA.

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