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Attention Deficit

"Attention Deficit"

The Story
Call it mad scientist rock, or call it simply mad. Whatever it is, "Attention Deficit" have entered the lab and blown it up, reaching right into the atom heart mother of improvisational mondo rock, combining their trinity of disparate elements, and letting new sonic monsters find life. The group is an exotic amalgam of bass, guitar and drums, a necessary far-flung exploration that sprung naturally and spontaneously from the collective mindmeld of three diverse and divergent talents, guitarist Alex Skolnick, drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander, and bassist Michael Manring. The joy of it all is to watch creativity take flight, to hear what three instruments and three distinct musical histories can conjure. The bottom line is this: three true artisans have gotten together for a bit of high science, even if the jump-off point is built of raw intuition. What they've come up with offers immediate and powerful gratification to students of instrumental performance, and not so quick, but ultimately similar gratification to those who just love visceral, challenging music. We strongly suggest you pay attention. The rewards are real.

The Music
02:55 ATM Instrumental
02:33 An Exchange Of Niceties Instrumental
05:13 Scapula Instrumental
00:22 Snip Instrumental
03:31 It's Over, Johnny Instrumental
02:02 TMA Instrumental
11:55 Fly Pelican, Fly Instrumental
02:52 Febrille Instrumental
03:18 MAT Instrumental
00:47 Wrong Instrumental
02:35 The Girl From Enchilada Instrumental
03:21 Merton Hanks Instrumental
03:07 Ill Fated Conspiracy Instrumental
03:20 The Blood Room Instrumental
00:10 Festivus Instrumental
01:39 Khamsin Instrumental
03:43 Lydia Instrumental
03:01 Say Hello To My Little Friend Instrumental

The Artists
Alex Skolnick  -  Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Production, Mixing
Tim Alexander  -  Drums, Percussion, Production, Mixing
Michael Manring  -  Four-, Six- and Ten-String Basses, Loops, Production, Mixing
Ben Leinbach  -  Engineering
Kent Carter  -  Engineering
Tony Mills  -  Mixing
Steve Jennings  -  Band Photography
Chuck Ehlis  -  Clock Art

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Spark, Emeryville, CA, December 1997/January 1998.

Additional recording at Funk and Disorderly Studios, Oakland.

CD package design and 4D Advertising.

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