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"Amor De Guitarra"

The Story
Escape to a musical euphoria with Armik's "Amor De Guitarra". Experience Armik's guitar mastery and his captivating inimitable style. Feel his passionate exuberance and his gifted artistry. With "Amor De Guitarra", the visionary artist Armik once again offers his listeners several innovative developments captured by his love of the guitar. In this semi-autobiographical catalogue of compositions, Armik fills in the blanks regarding his musical passions. The title track is a highly romantic ballad that features Armik's loving string virtuosity beautifully placed at the forefront. This is one of the most beautiful love songs on the program, and is a true testament that Armik's love, respect, knowledge and joy towards his music are obvious. Reminiscent of a moonlit stroll along a lover's path.

The Music
04:58 Amor De Guitarra Instrumental
04:52 Fiesta Instrumental
04:49 Midnight Bolero Instrumental
04:50 Fragile Hearts Instrumental
04:35 Montego Bay Instrumental
04:42 Romancero Instrumental
05:12 Just A Dream Instrumental
04:53 Gypsy Cafe Instrumental
04:30 Dancing Camellias Instrumental
04:41 String Dancer Instrumental
02:50 For You Instrumental

The Artists
Armik  -  Flamenco Guitar, Production, Arrangements
Joe Vannelli  -  Engineering
Joe Primeau  -  Engineering Assistance
Bernie Grundman  -  Mastering
T. Martin  -  Original Cover Painting
Michael Wong  -  Photography
Paula Edelstein  -  Liner Notes

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Graphic design by Digital International Corp.

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