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Muriel Anderson

"All Star Guitar Night Concert 2000"

The Story
"All Star Guitar Night Concert 2000" is an exciting new concert DVD capturing outstanding performances by some of today's top acoustic and electric guitarists. These artists represent a wide spectrum of guitar styles, from classical-tinged lyricismi o electric blues; from Travis style thumbpicking to ethereal tapping; from delicate fingerstyle to rockin' country blues. The main ingredient throughout is sensational guitar technique and high-end musicianship from both the featured guitarists and the rock solid backup band that accompanies them.

"All Star Guitar Night Concert 2000" supports the Music for Live Alliance, and part of the proceeds for this video have been donated to support this organization. Features: Muriel Anderson, Thom Bresh, Michael Chapdelaine, Seymour Duncan, Nokie Edwards, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Fairclough, Buster B. Jones, Stanley Jordan, Laurence Juber, Stan Lassiter, Brent Mason, Preston Reed, Mitch Watkins.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Hometown" (Muriel Anderson), "Becca's Bounce" (Steve Fairclough), "Mr. Guitar My Friend" (Thom Bresh), "Saudade" (Michael Chapdelaine), "Classical Gas" (Tommy Emmanuel), "Lady's Night" (Preston Reed), "Strawberry Fields Forever" (Laurence Juber), "Angelina Baker" (Muriel Anderson), "All Blues" (Mitch Watkins), "Dance With Me" (Nokie Edwards), "Impressions" (Stan Lassiter), "Cannonball Rag" (Thom Bresh & Buster B. Jones), "Flying Home" (Stanley Jordan), "Seymour's Blues" (Seymour Duncan), "Workin' Man Blues" (Brent Mason) and "Vincent" (Muriel Anderson & Tommy Emmanuel).

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