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Pino Mattioli

Italian Hard Fusion

Pino Mattioli's three-song instrumental demo cassette amply displays his extensive guitar vocabulary that borrows from both rock and jazz, forming an intense, aural fusion. Mattioli recorded all three tunes in his digital 8-track home studio. At times, his searing wah-wah phrasing recalls jazz-fusion guitarist Scott Henderson, with Mattioli's style leaning heavier into the rock side of fusion guitar. Mattioli even mixes in bits of jagged, dissonant fretwork into his longer phrases, before concluding with familiar themes stated earlier in the pieces. Mattioli was originally profiled in the August-September, 1997 edition of The Undiscovered.

alb Mattioli, born in Italy and currently residing in Grottammare, graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, and has over twenty years of experience on the guitar. Mattioli has covered much musical territory over those twenty years, playing his guitar in styles such as rock, heavy metal, fusion, pop and blues. He lists some his main influences on the six-string--names such as Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Alan Holdsworth, and Henderson. Musically, Mattioli is striving for the ideal balance between technique and melody, avoiding the overplaying that can lead to listener boredom.

Mattioli's career goal is to contact as many record companies and producers as possible, getting his music heard, so that someday he can produce his own CD of original guitar instrumentals.

Contact Information
Pino Mattioli
V. Crucioli 43
63013 Grottammare (AP)

Guitars A Quattro

Powerful & Often Surprising

Four For Tango is the CD release on Intim Musik Records by the Swiss classical guitar ensemble, Guitars A Quattro, featuring the transparent yet powerful and often surprising interpretations of Piazzolla, Turina, Torroba and Lutoslawski. Guitars A Quattro is composed of guitarists Matthias Aufschlager, Jorgen Astrom, Urs Mayr, and Bernhard Wullschleger--all extremely confident, disciplined and stylistically secure performers. This quartet handles the material of exclusively 20th century composers with heartfelt and moody expressions, sensitive, precise interplay and breath-taking musical finesse. Talent and passion blended together make Four For Tango an exhilarating classical guitar album. Guitars A Quattro were originally profiled in the October-November, 1997 edition of The Undiscovered.

pic Aufschlager, Astrom, Mayr and Wullschleger have been tickling audience's ears as an ensemble since 1989. In 1992, they were presented by the Swiss National Broadcasting Corporation DRS in the series "Young Interprets". 1993 and 1994 found Guitars A Quattro touring Scandinavia, eventually leading to the recording in 1996 of their first CD Four For Tango, which was released in January of 1997. Guitars A Quattro prefer to perform 20th century compositions because they enjoy demonstrating that contemporary music can be accessible.

The driving force behind Guitars A Quattro is their conviction that the attraction of the guitar has yet to be fully exhausted. As an ensemble, they are dedicated to developing and exploring new possibilities of variations in articulation and coloration in their instrument of choice, the immensely passionate classical guitar.

Contact Information
Allegro Import
12630 NE Marxstreet
Portland, OR 97230-1059
United States

Web site: www.netwings.ch/jastroem

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