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Your Opinions Help Us

Why surveys?

You may as well ask, why are perceptions important? The need to find out what music fans are thinking has never been greater than it is today. This applies not only to the world of guitars and music. It is just as true in other areas of business and research.

Knowing what the visitors to our site think helps us maintain a powerful competitive edge. It helps us strengthen our performance, implement necessary changes to the site, acquire new products, and protects our future.

If we know what our visitors are thinking, it will allow us to focus our products and services to meet their needs, assiting us as we grow the business and build customer loyalty - not to mention awakening the sales potential in all those fans of music (and the guitar in particular) that are not already our customers.

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Guitar Nine Surveys: Historical Results

Here are the results of the surveys we conducted on the Guitar Nine site in 1998.

February, 1998 Survey Results

What would you do with 20 extra hours of time a week?
Master your instrument        42.3%
Spend it recording        16.5%
Spend it songwriting        12.9%
Jam with others        11.3%
Play live/tour        9.3%
Learn a new instrument        2.1%
Other (music-related)        1.5%
Publicity/promotion        1.5%
Handle music business        1.5%
Other (non-music related)        1.0%
What would you do with a windfall of $20,000?
Buy studio gear        35.6%
Buy instruments        22.9%
Release a record        15.4%
Start a label        7.4%
Other (non-music related)        5.9%
Concert/live gear        5.3%
Take lessons        4.3%
Other (music-related)        3.2%
What would you rather have, the time or the money?
Time        60.2%
Money        39.8%

April, 1998 Survey Results

I`d like to see more instrumental guitar music in the style of:
Heavy Metal        18.3%
Shred        15.0%
Jazz        10.0%
Rock/Jazz Fusion        10.0%
Progressive        8.3%
Acoustic        6.7%
Hard Rock        6.7%
Rock        6.7%
Flamenco        3.3%
Alterna-rock        3.3%
Blues        3.3%
R&B        1.7%
Rockabilly        1.7%
Latin Rock        1.7%
New Age        1.7%
Surf        1.7%

June, 1998 Survey Results

The main reason I don`t listen to more instrumental music is:
I enjoy the meanings within lyrics        24.6%
I simply prefer songs with words        20.3%
I`m never exposed to it on the radio        20.3%
Instrumentalists "play" too much        10.1%
You can actually buy music without singing?        8.7%
I`m not sure what`s "good" and what isn`t        7.2%
No one I know likes instrumentals        2.9%
Without words, I just don`t "get" the song        2.9%
Instrumental music is not popular now        2.9%

August, 1998 Survey Results

The best way to promote awareness of instrumental guitar music is through:
Internet sites devoted to instrumental        22.4%
Indie radio programs        22.4%
Playing clubs        18.7%
Advertising - guitar magazines        16.8%
Opening for non-instrumental acts        13.1%
Advertising - general music magazines        6.5%

October, 1998 Survey Results

What will be the most common way to buy music in 10 years?
Undiscovered New Technology        29.0%
Compact Discs        20.4%
Dowloading Entire Albums/Burning CD-R        18.3%
DVD        18.3%
Dowloading Individual Songs/Burning CD-R        11.8%
Custom CD-Rs of Individual Songs        2.2%

December, 1998 Survey Results

Which guitar magazine do you read the most?
Guitar Player        34.7%
Guitar World        18.8%
Guitar Techniques        14.9%
Guitar        11.9%
Total Guitar        11.9%
Guitar 2001        3.0%
Fingerstyle Guitar        3.0%
20th Century Guitar        1.0%
Maximum Guitar        1.0%

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