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Regionsort descending Artist/Band Name Style iTunes Edit
flag Symphony X Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Heavy Metal
flag Van Davis Electric (Heavy); Rock; Funk
flag Jeff Aug Acoustic; Fusion
flag Insanitizers Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Hapi Skratch Records: Skratch Trax 1 1/2 Electric; Rock
flag Neal Schon Electric; New Age; World
flag Lara/Reyes Acoustic; World
flag Sign Of 4 Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Robben Ford & The Blue Line Electric; Blues
flag Robert Sabin Electric; Jazz
flag Tony Scozzaro Electric; Fusion
flag Chaquico/Freeman Acoustic; Jazz
flag Mckay Tebbs Electric; Rock; Jazz
flag Greg Meckes Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Gordian Knot Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Hard Rock
flag Todd Mussman Electric; Jazz
flag Blindside Blues Band Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Barrett Tagliarino Electric; Rock
flag Chris Mello Electric; World; Jazz
flag Chris Steberl Electric; Rock
flag T.D. Clark Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Ed Vick Electric; Smooth Jazz; Rock
flag Guitar Greats: The Best Of New Flamenco Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Bryan Beller Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Bill Mize Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Folk
flag Buckethead & Friends Electric (Heavy); Shred
flag Chastain/Harris Electric (Heavy); Shred; Fusion
flag Bert Elliot Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Fusion
flag Stuart Hamm Electric; Rock
flag Dale Osborn Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Folk
flag Honkeys Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemb. Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Sandblasters Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Cosmosquad Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Reconcile Electric; Rock
flag Gyula Schreiber Electric; Fusion
flag Pat Martino Electric; Jazz
flag Indica Gypsys Electric; Rock
flag Test Tube Rhino Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Mogg/Way Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Atkins/Knopfler Electric; Country
flag Leslie West Electric; Rock; Blues
flag Sean Baker Orchestra Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Berkana Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag DC Slater Electric (Heavy); Rock; Hard Rock
flag Gamalon Electric; Fusion
flag Matt Kroll Electric; Hard Rock; Rock
flag Clark Pauken Ricketts Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Chris Hattingh Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Greg Meckes Band Electric; Fusion
flag Henderson/Willis Electric; Fusion
flag Ken Snyder Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Bill Bruford Electric; Fusion
flag Indigenous Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Neil Haverstick Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag PapaMichael Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Tony Flores Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Craig Schoedler Electric; Fusion; Jazz
flag Wayne Wesley Johnson Acoustic; Smooth Jazz; World
flag Byron Nemeth Group Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Rock
flag Mortimer Nelson Acoustic; Fingerstyle; New Age
flag Neal Nagaoka Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Eric Roberts Acoustic; New Age
flag Kotzen/Howe Electric (Heavy); Fusion; Shred
flag Jake Dreyer Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Holding Pattern Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Rock
flag Hansford Rowe Electric; Rock; Pop
flag Fractured Dimension Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Heavy Metal
flag V.I.H. Electric; Blues
flag Attention Deficit Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag John 5 Electric (Heavy); Shred; Heavy Metal
flag Elliot Holden Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Jeff Kollman Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Michael Mucklow Acoustic; Fingerstyle; New Age
flag Denis Taaffe Electric; Rock
flag Taz Taylor Band Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Rock
flag Blotted Science Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Shred
flag Arch Rival Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Rippingtons Electric; Smooth Jazz; World
flag Chet Atkins Electric; Country
flag Lynch Mob Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Freddie Fox Electric; Smooth Jazz
flag Travis Larson Band Electric (Heavy); Rock; Fusion
flag Les Sabler Electric; Smooth Jazz; Fusion
flag Hematovore Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Vince Mendoza Electric; Rock
flag George Benson Electric; Jazz; Pop
flag Greg Reiter Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Shane Theriot Electric; Fusion
flag Jim Stubblefield Acoustic; World; Fusion
flag Runnin' WIth The Devil: A Tribute To Van Halen Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Guitar Greats: The Best Of New Flamenco II Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Peter Xifaras Acoustic; Classical; New Age
flag Iain Ashley Hersey Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Chris Bucheit Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Matt Konfirst Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Phantanima Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Rock
flag J. Russ Willoughby Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
flag Greg Chaisson Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag Jimmy Williams Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Shred