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Region Artist/Band Name Style iTunessort descending
flag Manuel Barrueco Acoustic; Classical; Fusion
flag Steve Khan Electric; Jazz
flag James Robinson Acoustic; New Age; World
flag Jose Luis Encinas Acoustic; World; New Age
flag Lara/Reyes Acoustic; World
flag Chuscales Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Keith Miller Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
flag Phil Keaggy Electric; Rock
flag Lenny White Electric; Fusion
flag Tribal Tech Electric; Fusion
flag Dream Theater Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Rock
flag Mermen Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Leslie West Electric; Rock; Blues
flag DiMeola/Agutin Electric; World; Fusion
flag Al DiMeola Electric; Fusion
flag Miguel De La Bastide Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Almeida/Byrd Acoustic; World; Jazz
flag Paco De Lucia Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Vertu Electric; Fusion
flag Richie Kotzen Electric; Fusion; Shred
flag Pat Torpey Electric; Hard Rock; Rock
flag Joe Bonamassa Electric (Heavy); Rock; Blues
flag Without Warning Electric (Heavy); Progressive; Heavy Metal
flag Sacred Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Progressive
flag Slav Simanic Electric (Heavy); Rock
flag Mike Chlasciak Electric (Heavy); Shred; Heavy Metal
flag Jake E. Lee Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Led Zeppelin Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Blues
flag UFO Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Pat Martino Electric; Jazz
flag Michael Landau Electric (Heavy); Rock; Fusion
flag Michael Landau Group Electric (Heavy); Fusion; Blues
flag Bradford Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
flag Carmine Appice Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Static Electric (Heavy); Shred; Heavy Metal
flag Jennifer Batten Electric (Heavy); Shred
flag Jennifer Batten's Tribal Rage Electric (Heavy); Shred
flag Peter Williams Electric; Easy Listening
flag Bruce Gaitsch Electric; Jazz; Pop
flag Chris Duarte Group Electric (Heavy); Blues
flag Aaron Lewis Acoustic; New Age
flag Seventh Wonder Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Rodrigo Y Gabriela Acoustic; World
flag Strunz/Farah Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Jonas Hellborg Group Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Hellborg/Lane/Selvaganesh/Umashankar Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Hellborg/Lane/Selvaganesh Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Hellborg/Buckethead Electric; Fusion
flag Hellborg/Lane Acoustic; Fusion; World
flag Hellborg/Lane/Sipe Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Jonas Hellborg Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Indigenous Electric (Heavy); Blues; Hard Rock
flag Daryl Stuermer Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Progressive
flag John Paul Jones Electric; Rock
flag Steve Howe Electric; Rock
flag Bill Bruford Electric; Fusion
flag Dweezil Zappa Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Vicente Amigo Acoustic; World; Flamenco
flag Pierre Bensusan Acoustic; World; New Age
flag Tom Ball Acoustic; Fingerstyle; Folk
flag Lynch/Pilson Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Yogi Electric; Hard Rock
flag Curtis Electric; Rock; Smooth Jazz
flag Jay Geils Electric; Jazz
flag Sage Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal; Progressive
flag Brian Tarquin Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Vinnie Moore Electric (Heavy); Shred; Neo-Classical Metal
flag Vinnie Colaiuta Electric; Fusion
flag Beck/Abercrombie Electric; Fusion
flag Marc Ford Electric; Blues
flag Jimmy Herring Electric; Fusion
flag Project Z Electric; Fusion
flag Herring/Lavitz/Harward/Gra Electric; Fusion
flag Jeff Berlin Electric; Fusion
flag Gary Hoey Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Fourth Estate Electric (Heavy); Progressive
flag Dave Beegle Electric (Heavy); Progressive
flag Eve's Drop Electric; Rock
flag Taylor Mesple Electric; Rock; Pop
flag Dick Dale/Del-Tones Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Dick Dale Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Paul Johnson Acoustic; Pop
flag Robby Krieger Electric; Rock; Fusion
flag Billy Sheehan Electric (Heavy); Rock; Hard Rock
flag Chambers/Berlin/Fiuczynski Electric (Heavy); Fusion
flag Atlantics Electric; Surf; Rock
flag Kole Acoustic; Rock
flag Bill Perry Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Anubis Spire Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock; Progressive
flag Nick Thompson Acoustic; Fingerstyle
flag Brave New World Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Kim Bennett Electric; Fusion
flag Jim Stubblefield Acoustic; World; Fusion
flag Mojo Stu Acoustic; Blues
flag Andy James Electric (Heavy); Shred; Hard Rock
flag Bobby Rock Electric; Rock
flag Generation Ibanez Project Electric (Heavy); Shred
flag Full Circle Electric (Heavy); Heavy Metal
flag Randy Pevler Electric (Heavy); Hard Rock
flag Peter Xifaras Acoustic; Classical; New Age