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June, 1996 [Page:Join! Search]

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Home Studio Registry: W
The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.  more information

You may use your home studio for demos only; you may use your studio for composing and arranging; maybe you are set up for jamming and practicing; or perhaps you have produced a commercial work in your studio. Maybe your musical interest is heavy metal, jazz, blues, jingles, or power pop. The uses of home studios have multiplied with the number of musicians who have found it convenient to have one.

By registering with Guitar Nine, you can share tips, tricks, techniques, equipment ideas, production ideas, and other valuable information with other home studio owners all over the world. Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do. The only personal data you need to share is your e-mail address and your name. All information about your musical tastes and equipment will only serve to help others to discover a musician in similar circumstances - and who may be able to offer encouragement, advice, and support when you need it most.
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Home studio owners are listed alphabetically:

Name Primary Use Secondary Use Guitars Web?
Doug Wadsworth Recording Practice/Rehearsal Taylor W-14CE, Yamaki Deluxe, Peavey T-40 Bass, Yamaha Pacifica 921 Yes
Mark R Wagstaff Composition Gibson j185ec, Godin lgxt, Ovation Custom classic, Epiphone Sheraton I... Yes
Bill Wahlers Composition Jamming/Fun Charvel 3B Bass Fender Precision Bass Guild Electric Guitar, Morris Aco...  
Luke Walker Recording Practice/Rehearsal Custom Telecaster, previously owned by Gordan Gilltrap  
Rich Waller Composition Demos Godin LGX, Taylor acoustic GC6, Cordoba Gypsy King, Larrivee 12 String... Yes
Rich Waller Composition Godin LGX-SA synth ready, Gibson Gospel, Taylor with Fishman Blender, ...  
Per Wallin Composition Practice/Rehearsal Squire and Fender Stratocaster(-83, -82), Gibson Les Paul Custom (-74)... Yes
Kevin Wallis Composition Demos Taylor Accoustic, Carvin AE 185, Fender strat, Gibson '61 reissue SG ...  
Robert Wallis Recording Recording G&L L-2000 bass. Yes
Sean Walsh Demos Commercial work '75 Fender Strat, Ovation Acoustic & Various electrics, acoustics and ... Yes
Jeff Walsh Demos Practice/Rehearsal 1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite, an Ovation Acoustic, and a 2000 ESP ... Yes
Tristan Walsh Jamming/Fun Composition Fender Strat (American DeLuxe), Peavey Fury Bass  
Reed Walsh Demos Composition PRS;Gibson SG; Fender Strat; Ovation Elite; 1940's Martin; Takamine' C... Yes
Shay Walters Recording Composition None Yes
Cliff Wanner Demos Jamming/Fun Lefty guitars all: Fender American Dlx Strat; Line 6 Variax w/Roland G...  
Jim Ward Recording Commercial work 1995 american standard fender strat plus electric 1967 hagstrom II ele... Yes
Jason Ward Composition Practice/Rehearsal LTD M-55, Fender Strat, Charvel 550E, Applause 12-string, Ibanez SR305... Yes
Dave Ward Jamming/Fun Composition Fender Strat, Agile 3000, Squire Bass Yes
Oliver A Warren III Other Other Acustic/electric/midi models All made by various brands  
Michael Warshaw Recording Demos Fender 50's Reissue Strat, Squire Telecaster, Fender American Standard... Yes
Avery Washington Demos Composition Washburn acoustic Ibanez lead and bass  
John Waszczak Composition Demos None  
Chuck Waters Other Jamming/Fun Gibson LP, Fender Strat, Charvel 625C and GibsonJ45  
John Watkins Recording Composition Hamer Diablo, 62' reissue Strat, Barrington neck-through, Samick 5 str...  
Robert Watkins Demos Recording Fender Strat 1985, Fender Strat 1992, Fender Strat Foto Flame 1990, Sa... Yes
Daniel Watson Jamming/Fun Jamming/Fun Framus Acoustic 12 & 6 string , 52Fender telecaster, 67Fender statacast...  
Billion Watts Recording Jamming/Fun Ibanez, Kramer, Alvarez, and other misc. Yes
Adam Weintrop Jamming/Fun Composition Fender 60's Series Strat, American Strat, Ibanez Electric, Alvarez Aco...  
Alan B. Weisman Demos Composition Various acoustics, mandolins, electrics, basses  
Keith Welchel Demos Melody Maker, Epiphone Hollow Body Electric, Kramer, Takamine, Greco...  
Ronald West Demos Recording Usually the aritst(s) use their own. In-house equipment includes a Fe... Yes
Ralph Westerfield Demos Gretsch beast solid body ca. 1979; Guild d-25 acoustic  
Ron Westphal Recording Jamming/Fun Carvin DC400T, Aria Pro II Les Paul copy, National Tele-copy, Ovation ...  
Chris Wheatley Demos Just a cheap Westfield plus third hand accoustic and very old bass.  
Kent Whitaker Composition Practice/Rehearsal Ernie ball AXIS super sport, Ernie ball "Luke", Ernie ball Silhouette, ...  
Chris White Practice/Rehearsal Demos Gibson Les Paul Studio Takamine ESF10C  
Davis White Recording Composition None Yes
Dave White Practice/Rehearsal Composition '75 Les Paul Delux, '83 Kramer Strat Clone, Bass, Acoutstic, Hagstrom ... Yes
Chris White Composition Commercial work None  
Blaine White Recording Demos Currently, I use 2 Les Pauls, a Strat, and an older peavey acoustic gu...  
Joe Whitehead Demos Composition Martin Shenandoah accoustic Fender Strat electric Yes
Doobie Whitehorn Recording Composition Yamaha APX 20, Gibson marauder, Fender Squire + Mandi's and Banjos  
Daniel Whitfield Recording Commercial work None... looking for collaboration Yes
Bob Whiting Recording Commercial work Ibanez Jem, Ibanez RG 6 & 7 string, Fender Strat, Gibson SG and an Alv...  
Ken Whitman Recording Composition Guitars: Ovation Celebrity accoustic/electric, ESP Ltd, Fender Teleca...  
Dennis D Whitney Recording Composition Ibanez Rg series, Roadstar 2 and Proline Electrics. Fender acoustic an... Yes
Craig Whitson Composition Jamming/Fun 6 string Acoustic (Alvarez Yiari) Fender Telecaster  
Paul Whyte Demos Jamming/Fun Epiphone Les Paul, telecaster, ibanez 7-string, 12-string acoustic, a c...  
Randy Widener Recording Practice/Rehearsal None  
Clinton Wike Demos Recording None Yes
Gary Wilcoxson Jamming/Fun Demos None Yes
Douglas Williams Demos Composition Fender Telecaster, Yamaha SBG2000, Yamaha acoustic...Mesa Boogie amp.....  
Kirk Williams Commercial work Recording Gibson Bass guitar. Gibson Les Paul Guitar. Yes
David Williams Composition Jamming/Fun 2 Stratocasters, 1 Ibanez Jem777(autographed original), 1 BC Rich, ...  
Alex Williams Demos Shergold 6 string, Shergold 12 string, Shergold bass, one or two oddit... Yes
Marcus Williams Commercial work Recording Gibson ES-335. Gibson Les Paul, Howard Roberts Fusion, Steinberger GU-... Yes
Khaleef D. Williams Commercial work Composition None  
Christopher Williams Demos Recording None  
Matthew Williams Demos Demos Esp, fender, gibson, westfield, jackson Yes
Randy Williamson Composition Composition Washburn acoustic, Fender Strat, Guild D-30 Yes
Alan Williamson Composition Recording Parker Fly Classic, Parker PM-20, Parker P-38, Ibanez S470DX and RG470... Yes
Brian Willoughby Demos Composition None  
J. Russ Willoughby Recording Composition '81 Gibson Flying V, Hamer double cutaway archtop, Squier double fat S...  
Steven Willoughby Demos Recording Squire '51 electric, Epiphone Dot Studio electric, Behringer V-tone (s... Yes
Richard Wilson Recording Commercial work Tetecaster, Joe Pass Emperier II, FG- Yahama, DY-75 Alverez Yairi Guil... Yes
Maria Wilson Other Practice/Rehearsal Taylor 812ce, Taylor GS mini, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone Sheridan, Alva... Yes
Sherman Wilson Recording Demos Fender, Seagull, Ibanez, Washburn Yes
John Dale Wilson Recording Demos Fender American Telecaster and Statocaster, Taylor and Ovation acousti... Yes
Kenneth Wiltshire Recording Composition I am a bass player, but I have been working with MIDI for some time. M... Yes
James Winans Composition Demos Takamine 6string electric acoustic, Jackson PS2  
James Winfield Demos None  
Jeff Wittmeier Other Composition Vintage electric Yamaha 6 string acoustic Nylon string classic  
Jerald Wolf Recording Composition Larrivee D-09E, Taylor T5, Hagstrom HJ600, Seagull 12-string, Fender a... Yes
Rod Wolfe Composition Recording Ibanez Custom Made S540 FMT. Yes
Jeff SPIKE Wong Recording Composition Gibsons, Ovations, Yamaha, Fenders, Ibanez Yes
Maria Wood Composition Practice/Rehearsal Ovation Elite, Fender Strat Yes
Nick Wood Commercial work Demos Fender Strat, Charvel and Ibanez Jem 777 Yes
Chris Woodill Demos Practice/Rehearsal Godin Artisan TC Signature, Fender Eric Clapton Strat, Yamaha AEX-502, ...  
John Woods Composition Recording Whatever the guitar player brings  
Tony Woody Practice/Rehearsal Recording Acoustic yamaha  
Ken Workman Demos Practice/Rehearsal Epiphone EJ200 Fender FE50 mandolion Yes
Jack Wright Demos Composition Gibson, Yamaha, Martin,  
Tim Wyatt Practice/Rehearsal Recording Peavey, Arbor, Fender, Ibanez Yes
Ron Wyatt Commercial work Composition Es135, lespaul, fender telecaster, martin d15, FENDER JAZZ BASS, OSCAR SM...  

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