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June, 1996 [Page:Join! Search]

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Home Studio Registry: T
The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.  more information

You may use your home studio for demos only; you may use your studio for composing and arranging; maybe you are set up for jamming and practicing; or perhaps you have produced a commercial work in your studio. Maybe your musical interest is heavy metal, jazz, blues, jingles, or power pop. The uses of home studios have multiplied with the number of musicians who have found it convenient to have one.

By registering with Guitar Nine, you can share tips, tricks, techniques, equipment ideas, production ideas, and other valuable information with other home studio owners all over the world. Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do. The only personal data you need to share is your e-mail address and your name. All information about your musical tastes and equipment will only serve to help others to discover a musician in similar circumstances - and who may be able to offer encouragement, advice, and support when you need it most.
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Home studio owners are listed alphabetically:

Name Primary Use Secondary Use Guitars Web?
Denis Taaffe Recording Demos Schecter, Ibanez and Jackson guitars, 12 string aucoustic and Peavey B... Yes
David Tab Recording Demos Pauls, v's, sg and misc. other pawn shop specials that play really swe... Yes
Lyle Tabor Commercial work Composition Fender Squire, Anjo Tele knock off, 1952 Epiphone Semi Acoustic Bass,  
Bruno Talledo Commercial work Recording (2) ibanez, yamaha, moser Yes
Darryll Tanner Demos Composition Les Paul Custom with a pearly gate bridge pick-up/ single taps  
Giancarlo Tassara Demos Composition None  
Albert Tatmon Recording Composition None  
Gabriel Landa Tavizon Commercial work Demos Fender jazz man, carlo robely bps prof. bass,  
Jeff Taylor Composition Demos None  
Rick Taylor Recording Practice/Rehearsal 1980 martinmodel 2437, less Paul styl elctric dual pickup carvin sc90 Yes
Kevin Taylor Recording Practice/Rehearsal Gibson L6S, Roland GR808 Guitar Synth Yes
Roger T. Taylor Demos Commercial work Guitorgan, Jazzmaster. Would like to hear from other Guitorgan owners Yes
Steve Taylor Practice/Rehearsal Composition Kramer, Lyle, Ovation, Alvarez 12 string, Washburn Classical, Suzuki Class...  
Justin Taylor Demos Composition Various fender acoustic and electrix  
Christian Taylor Recording Composition Fender Telecaster with a seymore duncan hotrail. Schecter Omen 4 bass... Yes
Thayne Taylor Composition Recording Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Taiko, Rain Song Yes
Marc Teamaker Recording Composition 1966 Fender Telecaster, 1972 Gibson ES 335, 1962 Fender Stratocaster, ... Yes
Lisa Tempel Composition Recording LP Studio (2), Blues Hawk, Strat, Martin6, Gibson EC-10, Ibanez&Fender 12.  
Christoph Tersek Composition None Yes
Dave Thomas Recording Composition Martin C-1 Fender Music Master Fender Jazz Special Yes
Fred Thomas Demos Recording Custom 4-string bass, Ibanez 5-string bass, Fender strat.  
Martin Thomas Practice/Rehearsal Jamming/Fun None  
WILL THOMAS Jamming/Fun Jamming/Fun None  
Neil Thomas Recording Composition Tokai, Ibanez, G&L Strats, Yamaha APX electro-acoustics, Taylor, Takam... Yes
Josh Thomas Demos Practice/Rehearsal Jagstang, les paul Yes
Miek Thompson Jamming/Fun Recording None Yes
Wez Thompson Demos Commercial work Ibanez jem x3 , ibanez rg 570, kramer, charvel, jackson, tele, yamaha bass ... Yes
Ian Thompson-Bell Recording Demos Yamaha, Encore and Bell Music Yes
Hazen Thorkelsson Composition Recording Gibson Firebird, acoustic guitar 6 string  
John Tibbs Practice/Rehearsal Demos Squire Stratocaster, Squire Bullet (20th Anniversary), Danelectro Dano...  
Rusty Timberlake Demos Practice/Rehearsal I have an old Kramer Striker, and play it through a Marshall JCM 800 ...  
Joris Timmermans Composition Demos Jackson Kelly STD (EMG89+ EMG81) Kramer Striker 7-string Ibanez UV77... Yes
Perry Tole Recording Composition Fender Strat with EMG pickups Yes
Anthony Tomaselli Composition Recording '68 strat ash body maple neck, '72 les paul deluxe goldtop '76 gibson...  
Bobby Tomlin Recording Composition Floyd Rose Stratocaster and an Ovation acoustic Yes
Tre Tomlinson Recording Composition None Yes
Tony Tomlinson Recording Demos None Yes
Frank Tornoe Demos Composition Stratocaster Yes
Cesar Torres Jamming/Fun Demos A few  
Carlos Torres Recording Demos Washburn WI14, Accoustic Guitar Generic.  
Ken Totushek Recording Commercial work Many varied high end, hand built acoustic guitars, lap steel, resonato... Yes
Juan Trafford Demos Commercial work A Fender Telecaster, a Gibson Epiphone, a Fender Strat Plus, a Rickenb... Yes
Alisha Tremaine Composition Demos Rickenbackers Yes
Saulius Trepekunas Composition Recording Hamer  
Johan Treptow Composition Jamming/Fun Jackson Dinky XL Electric, Washburn D10N Acoustic, Santana 1575 Acoust... Yes
Bill Trettin Jamming/Fun Composition Variax 500, Martin D-28, '76 Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan Vintage ... Yes
Martin Tripp Demos Composition Jackson Dinky Reverse  
Dan Trisdorfer Demos Composition Fender Strat special, Gibson SG, A crappy acoustic  
Gary Trithart Recording Composition Randy Rhodes Charvel Jackson, Squire Strat, accoustics, Hondo and Phil... Yes
Fabrice Trocme Composition Demos Ibanez s540FMB Guibson STD Washburn  
Lucian Tu Recording Composition Custom Tom Anderson Drop top, Custom Jackson Soloist, Les Paul Custom, ... Yes
Paul Tumolo Recording Commercial work Martin D18, Fender Presision Bass Yes
Burt Tunstall Demos Recording Ibanez RG470 w/infinity pickups, Gibson ES175D, Epiphone SG, Epiphone A...  
Gilberto Turrent Demos Composition Jackson PS4T Dimarzio FRED pickups on the bridge.  
Mike Tushak Demos Recording Fender, gibson, martin, carvin, and epiphone  
Prentice Tyndall Recording Demos Musicians bring their own guitars. Yes

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