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June, 1996 [Page:Join! Search]

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Home Studio Registry: S
The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.  more information

You may use your home studio for demos only; you may use your studio for composing and arranging; maybe you are set up for jamming and practicing; or perhaps you have produced a commercial work in your studio. Maybe your musical interest is heavy metal, jazz, blues, jingles, or power pop. The uses of home studios have multiplied with the number of musicians who have found it convenient to have one.

By registering with Guitar Nine, you can share tips, tricks, techniques, equipment ideas, production ideas, and other valuable information with other home studio owners all over the world. Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do. The only personal data you need to share is your e-mail address and your name. All information about your musical tastes and equipment will only serve to help others to discover a musician in similar circumstances - and who may be able to offer encouragement, advice, and support when you need it most.
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Home studio owners are listed alphabetically:

Name Primary Use Secondary Use Guitars Web?
Steve Salinas Jamming/Fun Demos Fender Strat(s), ES335, Danelectro 6-12, Ephipone Joe Pass, Taylor 814...  
Ricardo Salles Recording Jamming/Fun Ibanez  
Tekele Samanyi Recording Practice/Rehearsal None  
Simo Samuli Practice/Rehearsal Jamming/Fun Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose  
Rain San Martin Commercial work Composition Fender Squire for progressive rock music. Yes
Jon-Mark Sandquist Recording Demos '75 gibson SG, tele, ibenez artist, 1st edition taylor and 25th annive... Yes
Eric Sands Recording Demos Les Pauls, SG, Strat, RG550, RG7621, Yamaha Weddington, Steinbergers, ... Yes
Bill Sanner Jamming/Fun Composition Arbor electric guitar, Yamaha acoustic, and Hondo Electric bass, all l...  
Domenico Santoro Demos Composition Ibanez  
Scott Sapp Demos Composition Old Les Paul Jr, Peavey Vandenberg, Gibson Flying V  
Dave Sargent Recording Practice/Rehearsal Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, things that go 'twang' Yes
Nathan Satherley Composition Demos Ibanez -Frank G- Applause Vester Bass Yes
Mickey Saunders Demos Practice/Rehearsal Schecter C-1 Classic Rickenbacker 650 Sierra Maton ECW80C Acoustic E...  
John Savino Demos Recording None  
Dave Schall Other Practice/Rehearsal Fenders mostly Yes
Jean Schmitt Composition Jamming/Fun Gibson SG Standard 1973 Fender Stratocaster Signature (SRV)  
Ray Schneckloth Other Demos 1972 Fender Telecaster Standard, 1995 Ibanez Performance Accoustic Ele... Yes
Bob Schni Other Other Borys B-120-7, Schecter C-7 plus, Gretsch Van Eps 7 string, Epiphone ... Yes
Ken Schorr Jr Jamming/Fun Demos Fender strat  
Joe Schuck Recording Demos Fender Telecaster. The only thing I have a need for. Also a Specter P4... Yes
Bryan Schultz Commercial work Jamming/Fun Jackson 6 String with Digitech Effects Yes
Chris Schurawel Jamming/Fun Demos Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Acoustic Yes
Chuck Schwandt Demos Practice/Rehearsal - Lowden acoustic - Alvarez Acoustic Yes
Michael Schweizer Demos Jamming/Fun LP, Strats, Teles,  
Bernie Scott Recording Composition 1978 LesPaul(tobacco sunburst)1990 Fender Strat 1980 Takamine acustic Yes
Michael Scourfield Demos Composition Ibanez RX60 electric, Yamaha RBX250, Peavey Impact Milano Art & Luth...  
Dan Scroggins Demos Composition 1980 Les Paul Standard, Fender American Classic Floyd Strat, Fender Am...  
Jason P Scully Composition Demos Custom built Yes
Brian Seachrist Composition Recording Gibson epiphone, Les Paul, Takamine classical, Fender Balboa acoustic, ... Yes
Ken Seebeck Composition Recording American Fender strat plus, IbanezRG470, Yamaha nylon string acoustic, ... Yes
Carlos San Segundo Demos Commercial work Gibson Les Paul Standard Hohner SG Custom Larrivee R500 Yes
Dave Seidner Recording Jamming/Fun PRS Custom 22, Roland Ready Stratocaster(midi), Yamaha RBX360 Bass, Ya... Yes
Matt Seiler Recording Commercial work Carvin DC400, clear over quilted maple, gold hardware. Carvin DC200 b...  
Daniel Selby Demos Practice/Rehearsal Players bring their own. Yes
Caturadi Septembrianto Recording Composition Fender Stratocaster  
Gustavo Serratos Recording Commercial work Gibson, Ibanez Yes
Bryan Shank Recording Composition ESP 7-String stock all the way around. Peavey T-40 4 Sting bass. Kon... Yes
Brian Shannon Demos Practice/Rehearsal None Yes
Kyle Shannon Composition Jamming/Fun Carvin DC135 ESP LTD Viper 301 Yes
Steve Sharp Other Kramer, Martin, Epiphone, Fender, Takamine Yes
Rob Sharp Demos Composition None Yes
Michael Sharpe Recording Demos Fender Strats, Ibanez acoustic, Jackson Warrior, Alvarez acoustic, can... Yes
Paul David Shea Composition Demos Supplied by client  
Rod Shead Composition Sunburst Fender Stratocaster Yes
Grover Sheffield Practice/Rehearsal Recording Heritage Eagle, Ibanez J Pass, Godin Nylon Multiac, Alverez Yiari  
Sean P. Sheridan Recording Composition Fender silver anniversary strat/Ibanez rock n roll Sr/guild d-25 acous... Yes
Jeffrey Shoemaker Demos Recording Taylor 710 ce, Fender Deluxe Strat, Fender Lyte P-Bass, Yamaha 5 strin... Yes
Rod L. Short Demos Commercial work Martin HD-35..... Various electrics( mostly vintage Fenders & Gibsons)...  
Gus Shultz Jamming/Fun None  
Ed Siegel Jamming/Fun Les paul  
Niklas Silen Composition Jamming/Fun 1 Charvel (model -89)  
Paulo Silva Demos Other Ibanez S540J Custom Made, Yamaha 612, Ramirez 4E Yes
Mike Silverman Commercial work Recording None Yes
David Simmons Recording Commercial work Cheap Johnson elec/acoustic, Japanese Fender Squire, Maton archtop, ... Yes
Richie Simon Demos Demos Fender/gibson. what ever you bring. Yes
J. Richard Simpson Recording Composition Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Standard Tele, Epiphone ES300, Martin... Yes
James Simpson Composition Demos None....I run my Alesis QS6 thru various Guitar FX Processors.  
Thomas Simpson Recording Composition None  
Don Simpson Recording Demos Custom Baranik SJ, Lowden O-10, Taylor 910 Yes
Dale M. Sims Recording Commercial work YAMAHA 312, FENDER STRAT PLUS, TELECASTER, BC RICH, FENDER BRONCO, FE... Yes
David Singer Recording Composition Fender Stratocaster  
Gautam Sinha Demos Demos Fender Stratocaster, Shergold, ovation one semi-accoustic(local), 2 oth...  
Pankaj Sinha Recording Composition Local made. Yes
James E. Sink Jamming/Fun Demos Yamaha acustic and Fender Telecaster Yes
Dermot Sinnott Jamming/Fun Recording None  
Ted Sisak Recording Demos HM strat  
Jeff Slate Recording Composition '65 Epiphone Casino (Sunburst w/ Bigsby); '65 Epiphone Texan (Natural)... Yes
Al Slaughter Demos Jamming/Fun Aria pro(japan make)/fender/samic/peavey t-60  
Jeff Smail Demos Composition 72-Strat, Les Paul Studio, Ibanez RG470, AriaProII E/A, Taylor 315CE, A...  
Seretse Small Demos Recording Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha CG-150SA, Yes
David Smith Recording Composition Burns Bison '83 / Levinson Blade R1 / Takamine acoustic electric / Mat... Yes
Ro Smith Demos Composition Ibenez and fender Yes
Mike R. Smith Demos Jamming/Fun Washburn N2, Washburn E6, 1968 Fender Villager 12-String, Charvel Jack...  
Henry Smith Recording Demos Rickenbacker 360 & 360 12V64, Les Paul Jr., Alverez Accoustic, Fender ...  
Dave Ericsson Smith Composition Practice/Rehearsal Charvel Model 3, Charvel Model 2, Jackson USA SL2H, Jackson PS4, Jacks... Yes
Justin Smith Demos Composition Gibson Les Paul Stan, Gibson J200 acoustic, Fender Elite Precision, To...  
Brandon Smith Recording Commercial work 1996 Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty" 1979 Fender Stratocaster 1964 Wu... Yes
Kevin A. Smith Composition Commercial work Main axe: '81 Squire strat named Roxanne - a very musical guitar (EMG ... Yes
Vernon Smith Practice/Rehearsal Washburn acoustic  
Alex Smith Demos Composition Epiphone Les Paul, Rickenbacker 360, Hofner 500/1, Fender Strat Yes
Aaron Smith Recording Composition Gibson Les Paul Smartwood, Ibanez RG470, Westone Pantara, Ovation Elit...  
Joseph Smith Recording Demos 89 Les Paul Gold Top Custom, 91' Fender Prodigy Strat with 63' LP Humb...  
William C Smitherman Commercial work Other Gibson Les Paul Standard, Jackson KE2 Kelly, Samick Greg Bennett Serie...  
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots Demos Composition None Yes
John Smythee None  
Jim Snow Recording Jamming/Fun Peavey Rapture Plus, Cheep S101 used for steel / slide , Squire Tele C...  
Timothy Law Snyder Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal Hamer "Sunburst"! Old Ovation Acoustic; American Standard Strat  
Dave Snyder Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal Epi Les Paul std, PRS Santana se, bastardized strat.  
Angkoro Soekoro Composition Commercial work Taylor 314CE, Taylor 655CE, Fender Stratocaster Standard. All guitars ...  
Rogers Sombe Commercial work Practice/Rehearsal Westone , Strat, Gibson  
Paul Somerset Composition Demos Elec-Yamaha SG1000s Elec/Acoustic-Yamaha APX-7a Bass-Hohner Jack  
Donald Sorah Demos Demos I'm not much of a guitarist, but I play a Martin 12string and a Gibson... Yes
Christopher Sorenson Recording Demos Jackson DX-2 with carvin classic series pickups & a Washburn D13N  
Max Sorokin Composition Demos Jackson Yes
Martin Sosa Practice/Rehearsal Recording Sobell Model O, Martin OM40LE, Mark Angus Jumbo, Santa Cruz OM  
Fritz Souder Composition Demos Telecaster, Seagul, Ovation, Stratacaster, D'Agostino, various acousti...  
Wyatt South Recording Composition JEM, Fender Strats, Prs  
Gregory Spann Demos Jamming/Fun Yamaha RBX 375 Fretless Carvin (kit)Fretted  
Steve Spayde Composition Recording All the usual suspects Yes
Rus Spillis Recording Practice/Rehearsal Ibanez Customs, Fender, PRS Yes
Gregory Spinney Other Other 1970 Yamaki Deluxe #112 Acoustic 6string folk (with a Dean Markley Pr... Yes
David Spires Demos Recording Fender Stratocaster Jasmine Acoustic Guitar Pedal Steel Guitar - MSA C...  
John Spokus Recording Practice/Rehearsal Fender Stratocaster, Harmony Meteor, Rickenbacker 620, Fender F-35 acou... Yes
Greg Spolarich Recording Demos 1994 G & L Legacy, Yamaha SE1203, 1979 Yamaha L25-A Hand-made acoustic, ... Yes
Brian Spony Recording Demos ESP, Ibanez, PRS guitars, various heads and cabs  
Mike Squires Recording Demos Fender Strat(Pro-Tone Series), G & L Legacy, Fender P-Bass Yes
David Stadig Composition Demos 55 Lp Special, PRS Swamp ash Special, Taylor 514CE, Casio Mg 510, Stein... Yes
Mike Stahlbrodt Demos Jamming/Fun Strat, old Aria acoustic, Kramer Ferrington  
Darren Stalk Composition Jamming/Fun Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Yamaha  
John Stanley Demos Composition Ibanez Destroyer, Yamaha classical, Hammer blitz. Yes
Chris Stark Demos Composition Jackson Randy Rhoads 7-str reverse head, Fender "Yngwie" Strat, Ibanez... Yes
Randy Staunton Practice/Rehearsal Jamming/Fun Lag (pronounced log) a French 6 string electric.  
Todd Stayin Recording Composition 1987 Charvel Model #4, 2000 Fender Deluxe American Strat, Ovation Lege...  
Sara Stearns Other Commercial work None Yes
Kent Steele Demos Recording Fender Strat, Ovation 6 and 12 string, Ibanez bass, Gibson explorer.  
John Steichen Composition Demos Les paul custom jem strats rg 7 string fretless bas 6 string b...  
Dan Stemper Recording Practice/Rehearsal Stratocaster.telecaster, national, washburn,  
Wayne Stephens Demos Composition 2-Fender Strats (one w/noiseless pickups), 1-Squire Tele, Squire Bari... Yes
Mark Steward Jamming/Fun Practice/Rehearsal Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Taylor 310 acoustic, Regal Dobro, Fender Musta...  
Nathan Stewart Recording Composition Ibanez Les Paul copy, Ibanez Jem, Ibanez Soundgear Bass (6-string) Yes
Jimmy Stewart Recording Composition Gibson, Fender, Martin, Dean, Ovation, Dano, Epiphone, Godin, Steinber... Yes
Voicu Stoian Recording Composition Fender, ibanez, gipson, suhr  
Jim Stoklosa Composition Demos Fernandes, Fender, Dean  
AnDray Strickland Jamming/Fun Demos None  
Scott Strigl Practice/Rehearsal Demos Fender amer. strat, ibanez thin body electric acoustic, eppiphone 12 str...  
David Stritar Demos Recording Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Precision Bass Guitar. Am... Yes
Michael Stroup Jamming/Fun Composition 2 fender strats 1 ovation clone acoustic  
Robert Strupe Composition Demos 2002 Taylor 514ce, 1987 Peavey T-26, 1996 Warwick Masterman 5, 1942 Re... Yes
Mark Struthers Demos Recording Various Electric and Acoustic  
Jason Stutts Recording Recording Epiphone casino, prs standard, silvertone (danelectro), danelectro hod...  
Roberto Suarez Jamming/Fun Ibanez RG270DX  
V H Subramaniun Composition Jamming/Fun None  
Jon Sudbury Demos Composition Various Gibsons, Fenders, Peavey Wolfgang, old Epiphone acoustic, whoe...  
Glenn Sullivan None  
Eywin Sundstrom Composition Demos Olp Stingray, BcRich Gunslinger, Ibanes rg7 Yes
Tom Sus Composition Recording Gibson ES-335, Takamine G-330 acoustic, Fender Telecaster, National De...  
Zlatko Suslevski Commercial work Demos None  
David Sutton Recording Demos Fender Tele, Fender Jazz bass, assorted cheapo guitars. Yes
Kyle Sweet Recording Demos Can record any guitars but right now all I have here is a cheap Squier... Yes
Barry Sweitzer Demos Commercial work Epiphone Del Rey, Epiphone acoustic-electric, Bass, Art & Lutherie AM... Yes
Mark Swords Demos Commercial work Gibson Melodymaker, Ibanez Iceman, Ibanez Universe, assortment of Fend... Yes
Barry Jabbar Sykes Composition Demos None  
Brian Szymanski Composition Demos Gibson 2002 Flying V, Gibson 1978 Les Paul, Fender Bass, PRS, 2000 Tel...  

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