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June, 1996 [Page:Join! Search]

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Home Studio Registry: F
The purpose of the Guitar Nine' Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.  more information

You may use your home studio for demos only; you may use your studio for composing and arranging; maybe you are set up for jamming and practicing; or perhaps you have produced a commercial work in your studio. Maybe your musical interest is heavy metal, jazz, blues, jingles, or power pop. The uses of home studios have multiplied with the number of musicians who have found it convenient to have one.

By registering with Guitar Nine, you can share tips, tricks, techniques, equipment ideas, production ideas, and other valuable information with other home studio owners all over the world. Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do. The only personal data you need to share is your e-mail address and your name. All information about your musical tastes and equipment will only serve to help others to discover a musician in similar circumstances - and who may be able to offer encouragement, advice, and support when you need it most.
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Home studio owners are listed alphabetically:

Name Primary Use Secondary Use Guitars Web?
James D. Fain Demos Recording Gibson Les Paul studio, Fender Stratocaster, Kramer focus 2000, Yamaha...  
Shawn Fallahi Demos Composition MexicanStrat (got rid of my US Strat 'cause this one sounded much bett...  
Farhang Farhang Composition Demos ESP - Custom, Alhambra - 5P, Washburn - RB2000 Bass guitar.  
Floyd Farmer Practice/Rehearsal Composition Taylor, 4-Fender Strat, Gibson-LesPaul-Hummingbird-more, Parker Delux, Ri...  
Bruce Van Farowe Jamming/Fun Composition Hagstrom, Ovation  
Chris Farraday Demos Practice/Rehearsal 79' Les Paul Custom PRS Modern Eagle Assorted Ibanez Carvin TL60 B...  
Eric Faulkner Recording Demos Telecaster with Lindy Fralin pickups, 52 telly reisue, Strat with Fral...  
Terry Faust Jamming/Fun Demos Ovation, fender strat, rogue bass  
Ronan Favennec Composition Jamming/Fun Gibson Les Paul, LAG The Blues, Charvel/Jackson, Cort Curbow bass, hoh...  
Anthony Fay Composition Demos Gibson studio, charvel fusion deluxe, jackson 7 string  
Zeejah Fazli Recording Commercial work Ibanez RG770, Gibson LP Std, Yamaha 12 string, Yamaha APX5, Yamaha Nyl...  
Jeff Feit Recording Demos Martin D-76 Acoustic 6-String, Taylor 410CE Acoustic 6-String, Guild F... Yes
Adriano Fernandes Composition Demos PRS Custom 10 Top, Fender Telecaster '52 RI, Hamer Centaura Taylor 51... Yes
Americo Fernandez Recording Demos Ibanez Custom  
Riccardo Ferranti Composition Commercial work Strato, tele, gibson 347, ibanez, acoustic 6, 12 string seagull, ovation cla... Yes
Joe Ferraro Composition Demos Hamer Fat Archtop, '35 Recording King Archtop acoustic, Gibson ES135, G... Yes
Grant Fife Jamming/Fun Martin MC28, 1976 Fender telecaster deluxe  
David Andre Figoli Composition Commercial work 59 GOLDTOP, 71 GOLDTOP, 57 STRAT, 90 STRAT, OVATION LEGEND-MARTIN 000, ... Yes
Jason Filos Composition Recording Kramer Baretta Yes
Dan Findlay Other Composition None-what-so-ever Yes
Deshawn Findley Demos Commercial work Fender Squier P bass Yes
Harley Fine Other Other Les paul, Les paul Junior, strat, tele, silvertone/dano Yes
Adrian Finn Commercial work Other Fender Starcaster Yes
Paul Fischer Demos Recording Gibson Les Paul custom, Fender Strat, Strat custom built, Yamaha FG-30...  
Keith Flanegan Demos Composition In the studio I use a Yamaha acoustic guitar and a Samick Les-Paul-wan...  
Wes Fleming Composition Demos Electrics: Guild Brian May Signature, PRS McCarty Soapbar, PRS Single... Yes
Tim Floto Composition Jamming/Fun Fender Stratocaster Decca archtop hollow body electric Hohner Acoustic... Yes
marcos herron forbes Recording Composition electric guitar  
Tristan Forgus Composition Other Martin acoustic, taylor acoustic, ibanez and peavey elec.guitars, peav... Yes
Kicho Forrest Recording Demos Music man, Ibanez, fernandes, G&L, Burnes London  
Jeffrey Fossaceca Composition Jamming/Fun 2 FENDER STRATS(NOT SURE OF AGE), ONE HANDMADE IN MEXICO BASS AND AN A...  
Jonathan Foster Composition Commercial work 91 fender contemperary stratocaster Yes
Thomas Foutch Recording Demos Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Danelectro, Strat, etc..... Yes
Stephen Fox Composition Practice/Rehearsal Gibson les paul standard raw power, B.C. Rich Warlock Takamine acoustic...  
Lee Fox Demos Commercial work Ibanez, Tom Anderson, Fender Yes
Les Fradkin Recording Composition Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar Controller, Roland VG-8EX V-Guitar System, ... Yes
Justin Francis Composition Recording Custom Fender Telecaster style Electric Ibanez AW Acoustic Pevey Dyn...  
Dom Franco Commercial work Other Telecaster, Stratocaster, Fender, Martin, Guild acoustics  
Mike Frandson Composition Demos Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Ovation accoustic, Yamaha bass... Yes
Gary Franklin Commercial work Recording Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez JS-100, Ibanez EX custom, Westone Dimensio... Yes
Andy Frazier Commercial work Composition Peavey Wolfgang, Fender HM strat, Yamaha bass, Applause acoustic, Yama... Yes
Billy Jerich Frederick Composition Practice/Rehearsal BC Rich & string Handmade Custom's w/Dimarzios Ron Lucca 7 String Arc... Yes
Bob Freedman Demos Composition Custom Strat, Peacock Custom Acoustic, Alvarez acoustic, '60 Les Paul ... Yes
Jason Frey Demos Practice/Rehearsal Ibanez JS100 guitar(modified), Ibanez Talman Acoustic-Electric Thinlin... Yes
Eli Friedmann Recording Other Zachary Z-2; lowden cedar top Yes
John Friesen Jamming/Fun None  
Aaron Fritz Recording Jamming/Fun Fender Squier  
William Frohmiller Other Demos Fender, Aria Pro-II, National, Hofner, Yamaha, Goya, Jackson, Takamine... Yes
Tony Frost Recording Demos Ovation Balladeer, Seagull, not sure of model but it's an acoustic wit...  
David Fry Demos Practice/Rehearsal Samick  
Jimmy Fuentes Jamming/Fun Composition Carvin and Jackson Yes
Kevin Fugiel Recording Composition Fenders, Charvel, Peavy (ha) , Samick, etc...  
Steve Fulk Commercial work Recording Fender Strats, Gibson Pauls, Martins, Taylors Yes

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