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The purpose of the Guitar Nine Home Studio Registry is to allow owners and users of home/project studios to communicate with other musicians who are doing similar projects and work.

Far from being the solitary musician locked in a spare room with a bunch of expensive toys, you will finally be able to hook up with others who have many of the same dreams and aspirations as you do.
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Steven Andrews's Studio Details

I am a Producer/Songwriter by trade and am looking forward to working with creative, dedicated and diligent singer/songwriters, hopefully in the Denver, CO area.
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Main purpose: Demos
Secondary purpose: Commercial work

Recording knowledge level: Above average
MIDI knowledge level: High

Typically work (with): Co-writer
Completed songs/demos/jingles: 5-20

Future plans: As a Producer/Songwriter with home studio in the Denver, CO area, I am looking to discover new talent in the R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop genres, to produce high quality, competitive demo projects in hopes of securing talent to recording contracts with major or independent record labels and am also seeking production deals with talent and/or record companies; creating production library music for film, television, videos, etc.

Guitars: None
Keyboards: Ensoniq MR-61 64-Voice Synthesizer Workstation
Sound modules: Kawai Gmega 32-Voice Synthesizer Module, Clavia Nord Lead 4-Voice Analog Rack Synthesizer, Alesis S4-Plus 64-Voice Rack Synthesizer, Peavey Spectrum Bass 4-Voice Rack Synthesizer, Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus 21-Voice Rack Sampler,
Percussion: Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine, Roland Octapad II (Pad 80) Midi Pad Controller with Pad 31 4-way Trigger.

Effects: Art MultiVerb III Multi Effect Processor, Alesis Quadra Verb 2 Multi Effect Processor, Aphex Type C2 Aural Exciter.
Microphones: Audio Technica AT4050/CM5 Condenser Microphone, Electro Voice RE-20 Dynamic Microphone, Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphone.
Mixer: Alesis X2 24/8/2 Inline Mixing Console.
Tape decks: Adat XT Digital 8-track Recorder, Sony DTC-670 Desktop Dat Recorder, TEAC W-518R Cassette Recorder.
Hard disc recorders: None
Monitoring system: Pioneer VSX-D606S Digital A/V Receiver, Tannoy PBM 6.5 Nearfield Monitors, Acoustic Cinema Mini Speakers, Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones, AKG 240-M Studio Headphones.

Computers: Power Macintosh 8500/120 w/300Mzh G3 card + Miles PCI-UltraWide SCSI card + Audio Media III Sound Card, 256 MB Ram, internal 8 Gig 7200 RPM Fast 20 Wide SCSI hard drive, LaCie External 8 Gig 7200 RPM Ultra Wide SCSI hard drive, External 8 Gig 5400 RPM hard drive, External 1 Gig Jaz Drive, Panasonic 4x CD-R Burner.
Music software: Cakewalk Metro 4, Cubase VST 24/4.0, Deck II 2.5.1, Digital Performer 2.72, Logic Audio Platinum 4.0.1, Pro Tools v4.3 & v5.0.1, SoundEdit16 2.0.7, Peak 2.04, Master Tracks Pro 5.2, Rebirth 2.0, Recycle 1.6, MetaSynth 2.0, TimeBandit 2.52, Jam 2.6.2, Unity DS-1, Media Cleaner Pro 4.0, VST Wrapper 1.0, Audioshop 2.0.1, Sound App 2.7.3, SoundDiver 2.0, Alchemy 3.0, SpectraFoo 1.5, T-Racks 1.1, D-Sound Pro 3.5.1, Hit Factory VST Pro 3.3, Audio Fusion TWS 1.0.2, Hyperprism 1.5.5, Waves 2.6, lots of Audio Suite Plugins, MAS Plugins, VST Plugins, Premiere Plugins, etc.
Other equipment: MOTU Digital Timepiece Digital Synchronizer, MOTU Midi Timepiece II Midi Interface, JL Cooper MSB-1 Midi Interface, BSR Stereo Spectrum Analyzer (10 Bands Per Channel), Alesis M-EQ 230 Stereo Graphic EQ (30-Bands Per Channel) , two (2) Alesis 3630 Compressor/Gates, one (1) Gatex 4-Ch Gate, two (2) Re`an 48 Point 1/4" Unbalanced Patch Bays, two (2) Neutrik 48 Point 1/4" Unbalanced Patch Bays, ES-219A Blackburst Generator, Furman AR-1215 Voltage Regulator, huge custom sound library with lots of samples.

Comments: I am a Producer/Songwriter by trade and am looking forward to working with creative, dedicated and diligent singer/songwriters, hopefully in the Denver, CO area. I am currently working on a collection of R&B dance tracks. I'm also studying various aspects of post sound, since that is one of my many goals.

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