Jason Frey

Here's a rough and perhaps vague summary of music I enjoy in no particular order: OLDIES, SHRED, CLASSICAL, NEO-CLASSICAL, MELODIC/HARD ROCK, METAL, PROGRESSIVE, FUSION, '80's music, PUNK (old), FILM SCORES, OLD AMERICAN COUNTRY-FOLK (Sons Of The Pioneers w/ Roy Rogers, Doc Watson, etc.), BLUEGRASS, JAZZ, NEW AGE, ELECTRONIC, CARTOON MUSIC and JINGLES, etc.

Seamus Hennessy

After years of trying to record in the house with 3 kids I finally managed to build a studio about 30 yards from the house. I only finished it August 2005 but have already produced an Album for a local musician who is happy with the quality and is running off 400 copies on his first run. This is what I want to do with my life.


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