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June-July 1996
Guitar Haus

Emulating your heroes is fine, but consider how far should you take it.

December-January 1997
Sean T. Gill

If you`ve got the urge to explore jazz after a background in rock, you`ll need to understand the differences between the two styles. Guitarist Sean Gill gives you the keys to unlock the door to jazz.

December-January 1997
Rusty Cooley

Houston guitarist Rusty Cooley figures that with ten fingers, there`s got to be times when you can use over half of them to express your ideas.

April-May 1998
Joe Bochar

Instrumentalist Joe Bochar serves up a thinly disguised look at chromatics.

June-July 1998
Paul Kuntz

Guitarist Paul Kuntz is back with some fresh ideas on getting out of playing `in the box` and save untold wear and tear on your frets.

August-September 1998
Ken Burtch

The beautiful part about the tempered music scale lies in it`s flexibility. One of Ken`s favorite tricks is to take one shape, and use it to move up or down the fretboard in a linear way. The similarities in chord shapes will allow you to do the same.

October-November 1998
Paul Kuntz

Guitarist Paul Kuntz is back with some thoughts on how to avoid that feeling of being `lost without a map`.

October-November 1998

Kick-start your musical development with these essential tips from Curtis.

October-November 1998
Neal Nagaoka

Learn the essentials of the swept arpeggio from one of the masters of the technique.

December-January 1998
Gerry Magee

Highlighting the ways that other instruments and their players can profoundly effect us.

February-March 1999
Gerry Magee

Gerry Magee continues his multi-part series on expanding your mind, as well as your fretboard, with an article on focusing your mental energy.

February-March 1999
Peter Neri

Peter Neri on how to get those fingers (and thumbs) flying.


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