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Joe Satriani

"Engines Of Creation"

The Story
"Engines Of Creation" can be said to mark a startling new phase of creativity for Joe Satriani, one of the most celebrated and accomplished guitar players of the last decade. The record is diversely cutting-edge, riddled with musical riddles and satisfying answers, laced with stunning sonic handiwork and astounding melodic assaults. At first listen, you may not realize this was a record made by a guitar player--but once you've heard the guitar, you'll most certainly know who's playing it. The burning "Devil's Slide" is a classic Satriani structure underpinned by forward-thinking grooves and sinister harmonies, while cuts like "Borg Sex" and "Slow and Easy" radically morph any idea about what guitar melodies should sound like. With the exception of portions of the single "Until We Say Good-bye," which features bass work by noted guitarist Pat Thrall and the drumming of "Late Show with David Letterman" mainstay Anton Fig under the production eye of Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Black Crowes), all the Engines tracks were recorded by Satriani and his co-producer Eric Caudieux. The result is a heaping helping of sound collage, jarring leaps and mind-altering segues, ripped apart by sudden percussive blasts and liquid flurries of notes. It's a complex blend, but remains Satriani, pure and simple.

The Music
05:08 Devil's Slide Instrumental
04:25 Flavor Crystal 7 Instrumental
05:27 Borg Sex Instrumental
04:31 Until We Say Goodbye Instrumental
04:20 Attack Instrumental
06:04 Champagne? Instrumental
06:14 Clouds Race Across The Sky Instrumental
02:09 The Power Cosmic 2000-Part I Instrumental
04:23 The Power Cosmic 2000-Part II Instrumental
04:44 Slow And Easy Instrumental
05:57 Engines Of Creation Instrumental

The Artists
Joe Satriani  -  Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Production, Arrangements
Eric Caudieux  -  Keyoards, Bass, Programming, Editing, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Arrangements
Kevin Shirley  -  Additional Production on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Anton Fig  -  Drums on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Pat Thrall  -  Bass on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Mike Fraser  -  Mixing on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Enrique Gonzalez  -  Engineering Assistance on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Mike Pilar  -  Engineering Assistance on "Until We Say Goodbye"
Howie Weinberg  -  Mastering
Rex Ray  -  Art Direction, Design
Danny Clinch  -  Photography
Rupert Adley  -  3D Guitar Illustration

All songs written by Joe Satriani.

Recorded at Chateau FAF.

"Until We Say Goodbye" recorded at Avatar Studios, mixed at The Plant.

Mastered at Masterdisk.

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