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Studio Nine by Dan McAvinchey
8 total entries in this Topic
30899 img Compression: The Big Squeeze - February, 1997
50694 img Country Guitar - Getting 'That' Sound - April, 1997
36292 img Do You Hear Something? - Eliminating Hums and Buzzes - June, 1997
6943 img Setting Levels - June, 1996
34553 img Tone To Tape: Tips For Recording Electric Guitar - December, 1996
12173 img Tool Time: Home Studio Tricks and Tips - October, 1996
10373 img Tool Time: Home Studio Tricks and Tips, Volume 2 - August, 1997
11059 img Why Delay? Start Delaying Today - August, 1996
8 total entries in this Topic

The use of delay in the studio.

From "Why Delay? Start Delaying Today"

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