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Interviews by Randy Allar
13 total entries in this Topic
4687 img Interview: Jennifer Batten - December, 1999
2718 img Interview: Gregg Bissonette - December, 1999
721 img Interview: Jaye Foucher - December, 1999
3697 img Interview: Garsed/Helmerich - August, 2000
2228 img Interview: Scott Henderson - June, 2000
2362 img Interview: Gary Hoey - December, 1999
527 img Interview: Dan McAvinchey - December, 1998
5365 img Interview: Ronnie Montrose - April, 2000
3203 img Interview: Vinnie Moore - December, 1999
24164 img Interview: Joe Satriani - December, 1999
2820 img Interview: Steve Stevens - February, 2001
5205 img Interview: Steve Vai - December, 1999
8213 img Interview: Steve Vai - December, 1999
13 total entries in this Topic

Favored Nations is my new independent record company. It's something I knew I was going to do. I knew I was destined to do a record company eventually. It's a great concept and I found a great partner, Ray Sheer. We had similar concepts on how we would like to construct a label. I've been in the business for a long time, and I understand the infrastructure of how a label works and how they promote and market. So we put together this concept, sort of a musicians label.

From "Interview: Steve Vai"

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