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Tommy Angelo

"Guitar Method, Vai, Vol. 1"

The Story
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Tommy Angelo
Angelo Guitar Method (Vol. 1), Steve Vai (Video/Booklet)
Our Price: $28.95
(Price Includes U.S. shipping)

See and learn to play actual songs! The Angelo Guitar Method (Vol. 1), Steve Vai is an instructional video and an exciting new learning tool where guitarist Tommy Angelo shows you three great songs by Steve Vai, both at the actual speed of the original track and at slow speed with split screen close-ups. Included is a detailed booklet with the tabulature of the musical examples. The Steve Vai edition includes:

  • For The Love Of God - from "Passion And Warfare"
  • Tender Surrender - from "Alien Love Secrets"
  • Blue Powder - from "Passion And Warfare"
Each song features three sections: a demonstration of the song at normal speed, a slow speed demonstration and a guitar effect demonstration. Instructional Video/Booklet, 60 minutes/25 pages

Note: This video is for instructional purposes only. Steve Vai does not appear, endorse, nor did he participate in this video.

Additional Facts

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