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Jeff Beck

"You Had It Coming"

The Story
Jeff Beck is a name synonymous with the electric guitar. With "You Had It Coming", Beck's latest album during his three-and-a-half decades as an Epic recording artist, his name becomes tantamount to innovation, as the guitarist continues to experiment with modern, cutting-edge music. "You Had It Coming" finds the legendary British musician further enthralled by the nature of sound. "It's almost a chosen path for me by someone else, because I was never a singer," Beck says of his songwriting. "Without a vocal, you've got to concentrate on what people hear. Sound is everything." The predominantly instrumental album is bounded by a collage of drum loops and digital-age wizardry, all at the service of Beck's signature guitar playing. "I view technology as a friend -- there's no use messing around with enemies," he says. The outcome of his prolonged interest is "You Had It Coming", a project that combines the tones and technology of the new millennium with the skill and credibility of experienced hands.

The Music
03:17 Earthquake Instrumental
03:35 Roy's Toy Instrumental
03:50 Dirty Mind Instrumental
03:10 Rollin' And Tumblin' Vocal
03:51 Nadia Instrumental
05:17 Loose Cannon Instrumental
03:44 Rosebud Instrumental
04:20 Left Hook Instrumental
01:27 Blackbird Instrumental
03:21 Suspension Instrumental

The Artists
Jeff Beck  -  Guitar
Jennifer Batten  -  Guitar
Imogen Heap  -  Vocals on "Rollin` and Tumblin`" and "Dirty Mind"
Aiden Love  -  Musical Participation
Andy Wright  -  Musical Participation, Production
Steve Alexander  -  Musical Participation
Randy Hope-Taylor  -  Musical Participation
Chris Jarrett  -  Musical Participation
James Brown  -  Musical Participation
Matt Tait  -  Musical Participation
Kevin Metcalfe  -  Mastering
David Coleman  -  Art Direction, Design
Kevin Westenberg  -  Photography

Mastered at Soundmasters, London.

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