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Juan Carlos Coronado

Guitar Hero 2005 Finalist

Submitting a CD-R demo containing thirteen songs done in a Latin instrumental guitar style is Ontario, Canada guitarist Juan Carlos Coronado. Coronado was a finalist at Guitar Player's Guitar Hero 2005 competition held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, so his technical talents and ability to 'rock the crowd' are not in question. His demo shows a lot of range as well, as Coronado can shred over heavy metal rhythms, slow ballads (demonstrating excellent intonation and vibrato), and Santana style rockers. A plus is that his compositions are not overly diverse - a common stylistic thread helps to connect all his songs, so you don't have a metal number followed by a country tune, followed by some hip hop. Coronado is showing here that he is capable of delivering a full-length, stylistically cohesive album, which is probably forthcoming.

alb Juan's journey began in his native country, Colombia. At 16, he already was breaking from the mainstream. Instead of following a route toward salsa, vallenato and merengue, Juan found himself drawn to the electric guitar and the emerging underground rock scene. His obsession resulted in several albums, a number one radio hit, countless live shows, and an abundance of powerful songs. Later, he recorded with the bands Emma Hoo and La Universal, but it wasn't until Juan moved to Toronto when he finally started working on a project that he had dreamt about for many years - making instrumental guitar music. Inspired by the guitar legends that he grew up listening to, in 2004 he began recording his first solo album, "Renewal".

Recently, Guitar Player Magazine chose Juan as one of the Top Ten Guitar Heroes 2005 from over 3,000 submissions worldwide. Juan played at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, in front of guitar legends such as Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather. As well, The Durham Region Music Society awarded Juan with the "Best Instrumental Recording of the Year" award in 2005.

MP3 Songs
Primal Call
Flower Flight

Contact Information
Juan Carlos Coronado
51 Juneau Cres.
Whitby, ON L1R 3A2

E-mail: Juan Carlos Coronado
Web site: www.juancoronado.com

Joe Pinnavaia

Scientifically Developed Horny Music

Headline grab your attention? Guitarist Joe Pinnavaia's project band is called Test Tube Rhino, and he submitted a CD-R with three tracks from his upcoming In Vitro Fertilization release. Rock guitar instrumentals designed to showcase both fierceness and sweetness, they allow for plenty of solo space, multi-layered esoterica, melodic richness, over-the-top shred, liquid legato lines, torrid tapping - in short, an outlet for the "experimental and selfish side of my playing," as Pinnavaia describes it. You won't feel cheated on song length either; Pinnavaia devotes a good six to seven minutes to many of his tunes to ensure adequate development. He's in a number of bands and projects, so this is one of many irons he has in the fire.

pic Interested in music at an early age, it wasn't until age 13 that Joe started with formal guitar lessons. During his high school years he would typically practice 3 hours a day on weekdays and 6 hours a day on weekends in order to improve his technique. Joe later went on to study with Tony Scozzaro (GIT graduate, member of Gamalon), and at Villa Maria College, as well as the University of Buffalo. He released a CD with the band Toxic Love (featuring his sister Leah on vocals), before the two started the group Cosmic Stepping Stones, who have released four albums and have received national airplay.

Pinnavaia is also in the band Breakerbox (with Scott Calandra and Christina Reilly), who are completing tracks for their upcoming release in the spring of 2006, and are playing at showcases in New York City.

MP3 Songs
Test Tube Fantasy

Contact Information
Joe Pinnavaia
170 East Ave.
West Seneca, NY 14224
United States

E-mail: Joe Pinnavaia
Web site: www.breakerboxmusic.com

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