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An Incendiary Sound Shock

When first listening to Rez, if you grew up in the late '70s and early '80s, there's something eerily familiar about some of the riffs that frame the opening track "You're Fired" - that Ronnie Montrose, Larry Carlton, Z.Z. Top, and "Money For Nothing"-era Dire Straits style riffage will have you instantly looking wistfully through your old CDs. Guitarist Scotty Hall obviously has a fondness for this sound, as we do, and Rez' self-titled album is loaded to the rafters with this kind of house rockin' axe work. An instrumental CD which truly does sound great cranked to '11', Hall backs his stellar, whammy lovin' groove with the excellent percussion work of Phil Robertson, a session drummer in Vancouver, Canada for the past twenty years. Any instrumental rock fan will love this incendiary sound shock - and, good news, a follow up is already under way.

Scotty started his musical career as a local musician in Vancouver. He played in various club bands during the '70s, and toured the west coast of Canada. Scotty began his recording career in 1981, playing on numerous local album projects as a session guitarist, and has since worked with producers such as Bob Rock, Bruce Fairbairn, Mike Fraser and Michael Beinhorn. At heart, Scotty loves melody, and has musical interests ranging from Hendrix and Stravinsky, to John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson and Stevie Wonder. He also has a keen interest in jazz, and openly embraced fusion when it arrived on the scene. Scotty originally met Phil when they were playing together in a Warner Bros. recording act called Idle Eyes, more than twenty years ago. Keeping a promise that someday they would work together, Rez was finally birthed in 2005.

In addition to the already mentioned, soon to follow, hotly anticipated second album, Rez plans to promote and publicize their first CD to all fans of instrumental rock guitar music.

MP3 Songs
Your're Fired

Contact Information
Neptoon Records
3561 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4

E-mail: Rez
Web site: www.e-rez.net


Delivering Memorable Instrumental Rock

Fronted by some creative spellers (really, we looked up the song title "Jizz" in our spell checker - a big goose egg), Sacramento based instrumental rock band Modifyde blend pop melodies with heavy riffs and jazz-influenced improvisations. Guitarist Tyson Graf wrote all twelve original instrumentals on their debut CD, Say No More, and in addition, plays all the guitars, bass, and keyboards on the album. Drummer David Peters rounded out the recording, which can be hard rocking, then laid-back, then spatial, then back to ballsy and dense. Graf has a gutsy lead style ideal for instrumental rock, is not afraid to pump his wah-wah pedal, and plays rhythm guitar with a strong, meaty delivery. You'll like where this band is headed - give them a close listen.

pic Tyson began playing guitar at age 13. As a teenager, he played in numerous local rock groups. Accepted to study at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music, he graduated in 2003. After returning to his hometown of Sacramento, he brought his considerable talent and knowledge to a teaching position at Guitar Workshop. He founded Modifyde shortly thereafter, and is the band's principle songwriter and soloist. In the past year, the group has performed its energetic and dynamic live show throughout the Central Valley to positive reviews. The current Modifyde lineup also features rhythm guitarist Kolton Kammerer, bassist Alan Mehlhaff, and drummer Jeff Porter.

Work is currently underway on a new album of songs, scheduled for release in spring of 2006. The band is actively seeking representation (booking agent, manager, entertainment lawyer, etc.) to assist them in reaching their long-term goals, which include expanding their fan base, getting signed and touring extensively.

MP3 Songs
Mind Construction

Contact Information
Tyson Graf
9216 Carla Way
Sacramento, CA 95826
United States

E-mail: Modifyde
Web site: www.modifyde.com

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