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Mark "M.E." Edwards

Fist-Pumping Rock & Metal

Guitarist of the metal band Overlorde, Mark "M.E." Edwards submitted his instrumental CD-R, G.W.A. (Guitar With Attitude). Using a drum machine as a rhythmic foundation, Edwards delivers thirteen instrumental tracks which showcase a variety of rock and metal themes, and features some of his hottest playing to date. Covering the sonic ground of a Joe Satriani with perhaps an early, Megadeth-era Chris Poland sensibility, Edwards should attract some of the many thousands fans of his vocal band Overlorde over to the instrumental side for a guitaristic side trip. Plenty of tapping, whammy bar and mega-heavy riffage can be heard up and down G.W.A. (Guitar With Attitude). Check it out!

alb Mark is a native of Central New Jersey, growing up in Scotch Plains. Mark took his first guitar lesson in 1971 when he was ten years old. Lessons went on until he graduated High School in 1979. During that time he was a member of two rock bands as well as a member of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School jazz band. While attending Old Dominion University, Mark played in that school's jazz ensemble, and later joined his first metal band. 1984 saw Mark purchase his trademark white Flying V, and meet John Bunucci, with whom he formed Overlorde. It wasn't until twenty years had passed however, that Overlorde's debut full-length CD "Return Of The Snow Giant" was finally released in 2004. Mark had busied himself with solo projects in the meantime, as an Overlorde EP had garnered a cult following in Europe.

Edwards plans to promote his instrumental material for use in movies and TV shows. He plans to re-release his demo "What You Hear Is What You Get" on CD-R as well as license his recordings to record labels. And having written or co-written approximately 100 songs over a range of hard and heavy music styles, Edwards hopes to eventually record and release other material utilizing his home studio.

MP3 Songs
Big Red Pumoer
Spur Of The Moment

Contact Information
Mark "M.E." Edwards
P.O. Box 8211
Piscataway, NJ 08855
United States

E-mail: Mark "M.E." Edwards
Web site: www.meflyingv.com


No Rules, Just Good Music

Quick, how many bands can mix fusion, heavy metal and reggae into one tune ("Uncle Bob")? You found one? OK, how about blues, shred and metal ("The Beauty Of Simplicity"). There must be something in the water in Sweden, because a lot of instrumental artists and bands there just 'get it'. Swedish guitarist John Huldt heads up Dynamic, who submitted a four song instrumental CD-R demo, entitled Rules Do Not Apply!, chock full of Huldt's amazingly supple lead work, rapid-fire attack, and slippery soloing. Then you have the band's incredible compositional and production style, shifting gears, tempos, genres, tones, sound levels and more at a moment's notice. In short, Dynamic (with Johan Rydberg on drums and Anders Lindskog on bass) is truly dynamic - truth in advertising at last! Hopefully a full-length, instrumental CD is in the works for the future, because you have to hear this.

pic John started his musical career on piano at the age of ten under heavy pressure from his well-meaning mom, who said he would appreciate it when he grew older (which he of course did). He played the piano until age 14, when the huge Nirvana/grunge wave hit Sweden and John became more interested in playing guitar instead of piano. He got his first electric guitar for a Christmas present and started a Nirvana cover band with a friend. About a year later he was hooked on metal bands like Slayer and the death metal scene. John played in a lot of local metal bands and when he started in college he discovered Yngwie Malmsteen - which was what made John want to become really good as a guitarist. Later on he heard Steve Vai and Van Halen, which also had a huge effect on his playing. Today, John is trying to broaden his views on music and trying to learn different styles of music, and of course become a better technical player as well.

Dynamic is continuing to write and record new songs for a full-length CD.

MP3 Songs
Uncle Bob
The Beauty Of Simplicity

Contact Information
Johan Rydberg
Balladgatan 23
215 71 Malmo

E-mail: Dynamic
Web site: www.dynamicmusic.info

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